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Digital transformation strategy … a strategic choice.


Based on the ambitious vision of our wise leadership to build a digital future in the country, and to devote leadership in the innovation and artificial intelligence field. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has launched a digital transformation strategy that is based on 5 main strategic objectives:

  • Improving the competitiveness of the authority in the digital transformation field.
  • Integrated digitization of processes and services.
  • Promoting digital innovation with new technologies.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of digital processes and services.
  • Integrated digital culture.

The digital transformation strategy applied in the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has become a new method in dealing with individuals and institutions to achieve the trend that elevates the information society and spread the culture of digital dealing in all services. The era of digital information that we live today requires us to deal with it and adapt to its requirements.

From this standpoint the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship realized the importance of digital transformation in providing its services, starting from automating its services by 100% and reducing the percentage of costumers in service centers to 80% by 2021. Furthermore developing the electronic platforms and its smart application through entering and registering with an identity and digital UAE PASS, in addition to developing the infrastructure in order to empower and give all customers the opportunity of access to informations and carrying out all transactions on the digital network and smart channels.

Launching a digital transformation strategy in the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will enhance the confidence in the digital transformation process, which aim helping customers to overcome the challenges and benefit from digital technologies, which will allow them to prepare strategically for the future.

And because investment in human capital is the locomotive of development, the launch of the digital transformation strategy and the approval of the Board of Directors on its foundations and objectives, we have announced an explicit digital charter to support digital culture and institutional digital innovation in the authority among employees, which will enhance their ambitions, refine and develop their digital competencies and retain them to lead change as they are Active ingredient during the transformation period.

To build a true digital culture, we will work with all partners to spread digital awareness and build a digital culture among all members of society in line with the directions of our beloved country.



Mom is an inexhaustible spring of tenderness

Mother’s Day was celebrated by many countries of the world a few days ago in recognition of the mother, who is the icon of purity and the symbol of extreme love and tenderness. On that day and while the world is busy with making courtesy statements, I recall the saying of our Prophet (PBUH), which does not leave any room for anyone to express the right of mothers over their children in a more eloquent manner, when a man asked him: “O Prophet of Allah! Who is the most deserving and worthy of my good company?” The answer, which no philosopher or intellectual could ever add to it or express it more clearly, came when the Prophet said: “Your mother.” The man asked: “Who comes next after her?” the Prophet said: “Your mother.” The man asked again: “Who comes next after her?” The Prophet said: “Your mother.” The man asked again: “Who comes next after her?” The Prophet said: “Your father.”

Mothers were honored by Allah in more than one location in the Holy Quran: “And We have enjoined on man to be dutiful and kind to his parents. His mother bears him with hardship and she brings him forth with hardship” (Surah Al Ahqaf, Verse 15) and “His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship” (Surah Luqman, Verse 14). They were also honored by our Prophet (PBUH) when he said: “Paradise is under the feet of mothers.”

In this context, I quote one of the most beautiful paragraphs on mothers from an article by Sheikh Dr. Saud Al-Shuraim, Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, in which he described the mother as “A simple, weak female creature, who is extremely affectionate and tender and has many virtues which are ignored by the rich who have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear and hearts but do not understand. She is a soldier with no one to protect her and a guard with no one to guard her; she has the force of attraction and propitiation and the right of mercy and compassion. She is perfect, mature and the weakest of Allah’s creatures.

It is my mother: the receptacle for love and kindness and the spring of compassion and tenderness. Is there anyone who can affirm that they have given her what she really deserves? I believe that no matter what we do in this connection, we will never be able to give this sun her dues.

Ongoing endeavors to enhance cyber security

The ongoing and rapid evolution of the information and communication technology (ICT) has brought many benefits and positive points to all the aspects of our human, social, economic, cultural  and information-related life, particularly that the methods of conveying and exchanging information around the world have become faster, easier and more effective than ever. At the same time, however, these methods included gaps and negative points, which some people were able to use for gaining illegal access and causing harm and higher rates of vandalism or even theft. As a result, terms like “cyber crimes”, “information technology crimes”, “electronic piracy”, “cyber espionage” and others came into existence. These terms were actually classified and legislation and laws were enacted to deal with cyber crimes including threats, extortion and penetration of bank accounts and corporate systems in addition to spying on individuals and businesses, accessing protected security sites, sabotaging websites etc.

In this context, the 5th International Cyber ​​Crimes Conference was held and recently concluded in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. The conference underlined the UAE’s growing interest in and keenness on achieving cyber security, particularly in light of the UAE’s rapid development in all the economic, commercial, administrative, education and health fields, depending on the world’s latest technology and means of communication. The UAE actually made great strides in this field, a recent one of which was its successful bid to host the World Expo 2020.

The conference showed that the UAE was one of the top countries that rushed to develop legislative frameworks to deal with all kinds of cyber crimes through issuing the federal law no. 2 for 2006 for combating IT crimes and replacing it by a more sophisticated law in 2012, while continuously developing the work of the police concerned with preventing and combating technological crimes, which contributed effectively to confronting them. This comes at a time studies indicate that cyber crimes have topped the list of the crimes developed in the UAE and are on the rise annually due to the increasing reliance on modern technologies in the majority of transactions, particularly the financial and commercial ones.

The multiple and diverse UAE entities which organized the conference; namely, the Ministry of Interior and Institute of Training and Judicial Studies in co-operation and co-ordination with the Ministry of Justice, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the National Electronic Security Authority show the importance for the entities concerned to combine efforts to develop an integrated strategy to confront IT crimes and translate the recommendations of the conference into concrete results with the aim of ensuring the best electronic security in the UAE.

Bearing in mind the multiple entities concerned with cyber crimes, the Ministry of Interior, led by His Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, plays a key role in confronting these crimes by focusing on the preventive aspect and consolidating security, stability and public safety among citizens and residents in implementation of the UAE Vision 2021, which is in line with Abu Dhabi Government Vision 2030 aimed at applying the concepts of e-government.

In addition to the above, the 5th International Cyber ​​Crimes Conference coincides with the International Conference for Security and National Resilience “ISNR Abu Dhabi 2014”, which saw the participation of national and global companies specialized in manufacturing security equipment and devices and safety and resilience devices, thus ensuring the integration of security in all its forms and levels.

Amentak Beladak

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship makes a noble and meaningful gesture by presenting the Souvenir of “Amentak Beladak” to 2019 new-born babies. “Amentak Beladak” is an initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. ICA presents the “Souvenir” on issuing the birth certificates and adding new-born babies to the family book. It is a classy gesture, which emphasizes maintaining the supreme directives aiming at instilling the values of belonging and loyalty to the homeland in the hearts of UAE citizens.

The Souvenir which bears the photo of the founder father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, reminds us of his values and legacy, on which the principles and rules of UAE are based. Among these principles and rules, dedication to work, giving, love, coexistence and tolerance.

The Souvenir conveys a message of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed to the generations to remind them of the greatness of the mission they are entrusted with, i.e. preserving this precious homeland. It is a great and noble mission entrusted not only to the armed forces, the police and the security forces, but also to every UAE citizen. It takes many forms of diligence and hardworking in study and excellence, as well as dedication, sacrifice and maintaining social ties and national cohesion, and enhancing UAE position and image in every field and area.

This noble gesture reflects the keen of our wise leadership on being near to its citizens in a happy occasion like the happy event of receiving a new-born baby who joins the large family; the Family of “Zayed Sons”. Besides, this initiative marks his vision about building generations and instilling the love of, loyalty and belonging to this precious homeland. This initiative comes in line with his instructions to introduce the moral education in UAE curricula to protect children and create generations able to preserve the bright image of UAE and its high standing. This can be achieved by preserving its established values and moral principles.

We all remembered HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed’s call to the future generations to preserve UAE name, when he reminded us that when a citizen makes a positive action, it will be said that it has been made by an “Emirati” citizen, and if he/she makes a negative action, it will be said that it has been made by an “Emirati” citizen. Therefore, we have to remember these noble words and their indications before we take any action even if we consider simple especially that some people are waiting for any opportunity to exploit any unintentional mistake or misconduct to ruin UAE nam

Our Identity: Creativity and Innovation

In the light of UAE Innovation Month, where creativity and ambition are limitless, on 19 February, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah was a shining star in the Forum of Innovation and Industry of the Future. Emiratis, sons and daughters of Zayed, passionate about innovation and their hearts are beating for realizing a leading, happy and tolerant state. These were the first statements of the ceremonial identity launched by ICA, as a part of its mission supporting excellence and uniqueness.

The moment you reach the forum’s hall, you find what is beyond chairs, screens and speakers; you find an exhibition that embraces you. It makes you gaze at the beauty of the innovative exhibitions and the creative ideas woven by a group of students from schools, technical schools and various institutions from Ras Al Khaimah. These students have gathered around one and only goal, united for innovation, united for creativity and united for a sustainable future. They gathered to be ambassadors in innovational knowledge to a country that does not know the word impossible, and reached the highest levels of competitiveness.

Being there, you cannot but capture three scenes that behold in your memory until you leave the forum. The first scene is the harmony between the Forum’s subject “Innovation and Industry of the Future” and ICA’s logo, holding in its heart the UAE flag, surrounded by stars and signs of artificial intelligence. Attendees realize that ICA organizational identity and its logo are an integral organization looking forward to establish the culture of innovation and making customers happy.

The second scene is a symbolic sketch, short in duration but deep in meaning and goal, written, directed and acted by ICA’s innovation ambassadors. The sketch message was well received, innovation is to be or not to be, asserting the quote of H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his article “Innovate or Stagnate”: “Innovation is to be or not to be: I innovate, therefore I am”.

Third Scene is the energy of the organizers and their passion about actions that echo “Emirati and Proud” and “We are the sons of Zayed”. We are inspired by the love of our home, our leaders, the construction of our country and representing it in all forums. Our passport is number one, and our federal identity is the ideal. With every sunrise, we are determined to unite for being able to achieve a promising future.

Imad Al Din Hussien – Al Roeya newspaper, Thursday, 28 February 2019

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