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Let us get down to reading


Reading is brain food; the key to wisdom and the way to knowledge. It broadens your mind, give you clear insights and open up new horizons to understand what’s going on around us. This was the basis for our visionary leader’s initiative to make 2016 a year of reading in order to let such a good habit play a key role in the life of Emirati people and those who live in this good land. Reading should be a daily routine to develop your abilities and take you to better intellectual levels.

The initiative of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan was not launched in a vacuum. It was a part of a long-established cultural approach adopted by the UAE to build capacity of a man who is qualified to deal with life events and developments, learn from the past, develop the present and predict the future. This is the way to build a strong ambitious innovative society that is not affected by destructive thoughts or misleading groups.

Reading enlightens your mind and soul, expanding your mind and enabling you to understand and explain things and take right actions. It will turn from a regular habit to a delightful journey to discover many worlds and present them to people in a tiptop shape.

The path to build future generation and reach the top starts with reading; the first order of God to His Messenger Mohammed-peace be upon him- in the first verse of the Holy Quran “Read in the name of your God, the Creator”.

We do not need more evidence to show how important reading is. So, from now on I will read on a daily basis and choose a set of books within a timeline fashion to obey God and His Messenger and respond to the initiative of our president to make the Emiratis people of knowledge, civilization and openness.

Golden Jubilee 2021


Chairing the Emirates ID Authority meeting, HH Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, National Security Adviser and Chairman of the Emirates ID Authority Board of Directors, said that the UAE can be one of the best countries ever in 2021 thanks to the busy hands, dedicated minds, iron will and ruthless determination. HH Sheikh stressed the leadership ambition to bring all Emirates ID Authority centers to a 7-star level.

These words reflect knowledge, clear vision and true generosity. They reveal the power of openness, transparency, vitality and open-mindedness. Today, the United Arab Emirates make big leaps to attain its lofty goals and take considerable steps towards high-level targets. In this journey, it relies on the Emirati people awareness of quality, generosity and teamwork and the need to act as one family who love their country and loyal to their leaders and history. In such critical episode in the world history, we should normally aspire for more excellence to live up to the leaders’ expectations and right vision. They provided all potential and success tools, surmounted formidable obstacles, allowing the people of the country to control their fate, work hard and responsibly and give the best performance. This is not only because they are employed in a department or institution but also because they are the owners of this land whose sacred duty is to protect it and exert utmost efforts to make a bright future for these kind hearts and hard workers.

This is the intrinsic nature of Emirati people and leadership. They have pure nature with great devotion and deep roots in the desert, combining shrewdness and brilliance with fluency and eloquence. With considerable prudence, they have a great ability to transcend time and travel to the future. Like desert horses, they are surefooted, graceful, elegant, tactful, clever and well-bred with shrewd look and graceful move. This is the magic spell and the epic picture of the United Arab Emirates. If you search for it, you will find it among the stars. That state is like a fast cruising ship or the giving tree.

That is the true Emirates where leadership has sowed the seeds of love, compassion and loyalty to get exceptionally gentle, loyal and genius people. They write history of innovation, prosperity and pride. This country deserves to gain respect of the others who have been fascinated with the achievements it made.

Such country deserves be loved by all. It is an icon and symphony.

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