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Page last updated on : 18/07/2020 - 3:47 pm

Strategic Projects

Strategic projects setting up for modern technological horizons

Emirates Identity Authority works on executing a number of strategic and vital initiatives and projects that are considered among the main goals of its strategic plan 2010-2013, in its pursue towards achieving and materializing its vision in being the main reference of identity  verification and providing population data in the United Arab Emirates.

The general goals of the authority’s strategic projects and initiatives center around contributing to the protection of national and individual security, reinforcing the personal identity, maintaining accurate populations register and providing innovative electronic services, in addition to simplifying the government services and facilitating the transactions.

The following is a summery for the most prominent of these projects:

The Project of registering the population of the country

Emirates ID concentrates on achieving the main goal mentioned in its strategy 2010-2013, which lies in the importance of completing the registration of all the population in the country in the population register system, so it can build an accurate, comprehensive and modern population database.

In its effort to achieve this goal, the authority started executing the registration process re-engineering, the redesigning of the registration centers’ interior, putting together plans to manage the customers in these centers, developing all operations linked to population registration and launching the Electronic Form service through more than 1150 typing center scattered throughout the country.

Digital Identity Project

The “Activation of Digital Identity Applications Project” is considered among the most prominent and most important strategic projects, due to its role in the protection and security of the online electronic transactions and preventing identity theft of individuals while they perform electronic transactions, and its effective contribution to establish the concept of “Secured Electronic Economy” at the country level.

Institutional Excellence and customer services development project

The authority deals with the “Institutional Excellence” as a mean of development and update aiming to upgrade the quality of internal services, fulfilling the customer needs, offering them quality and outstanding services and providing them with all that is required for the authority’s services to be a 7 stars service.

Out of the eagerness to upgrade customer service, the authority directed its first essential values towards focusing on customers and achieving their satisfaction through transparency in dealing with them, gaining their trust and appreciating their opinions and using these opinions to develop the services of the authority.

The authority continues its efforts towards building a service institutions that focuses on achieving goals and upgrading customer service, building a service system based on good planning, focusing on goal achievement through human resources development and providing the best, most sophisticated and most advanced services.

In an international qualitative achievement, considered the first of its kind amomg federal authorities in the country, the Emirates Identity Authority earned the “The International Customer Service Standard Certificate” from the International Institute for Customer Service, after successfully passing the bias international evaluation for the compliance of the authority’s procedures and activities with the international customer service standards. The evaluation was conducted by the British Institute of Standards and Specifications, as the sole authorized body from the International Institute for customer service.

Emirates Identity Authority culminated its efforts in the institutional excellence and the development of customer service by gaining the following 4 awards from the “Emirates Government Excellence Award” within “Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program”:

  • Outstanding Federal Authority Award (Less than 900 employees).
  • Outstanding Federal Authority Award in the field of Institutional Leadership.
  • Outstanding Federal Authority Award in service providing.
  • Outstanding Federal Authority Award in work teams.

Electronic Link with Government Institutions Project

Emirates Identity Authority is working on executing the strategic project of “Structure of the Electronic Link with Government Institutions” which aims to support the decision makers by providing them with real-time and accurate statistical data depending on the population register system in the authority.

Through this project, the Authority seeks to develop advanced and secured systems to exchange data with institutions concerned with civil incidents in the country, allowing the automatic update of the population register system data.

Many official bodies are expected to benefit from the electronic link process, like the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Health, in addition to many other local and federal related bodies.

The Project of “Excellence Star” system for the evaluation of registration centers

The Project of Electronic Voting in the National Council Elections 2011

Emirates Identity Authority played an important role in the success of the National Council Elections held in the country during September 2011. The most prominent achievement for the Emirates ID during its participation in this parliamentary and democratic experience was shown through the use of the ID Card in the electronic voting in the elections.

More than 500 male and female employees participated in the Election Day through handling electors’ data check functions, welcoming them and providing technical support in addition to other administrative and logistic tasks, which made the Electronic Voting process very smooth, ensuring its transparency and integrity, in addition to other benefits like saving time and speed in voting.

Emirates ID was a member of the National Voting Committee, as well as heading the infrastructure committee which handled, over months, the responsibility of developing the electronic voting system and supervising the readiness of related technical aspects of this advanced system on a country level.

Project of the Electronic Ratification Center

Emirates Identity Authority achieved the “Electronic Ratification Center” project that aims to provide digital services based on an advanced and accurate technical infrastructure to provide the ID confirmation service through electronic networks.

This project should facilitate individual dealings with government departments in the country and increases their trust level in this kind of transactions, to reach the establishment of the “Secured Digital Economy” concept in the country.

This project falls under one of the authority’s strategic goals of developing an integral and secured infrastructure enabling date acquisition and exchange. Abu Dhabi Government was the first body to launch this project with.

Emirates ID also started phase 2 of the “Digital ID Application Activation” project that aims to list the digital certificates within the population register system in line with building the unified ID system and implement it with a number of official bodies in the country.

Intelligent Statics Project

Enterprise resource planning project(ERP)

Emirates Identity Authority launched the Enterprise resource planning” (ERP) in all of its departments and centers across the country, in line with its effort of procedures automation, with the aim of reducing the cost and effort wasted in manual handling of daily transactions.

The ERP serves all employees at the authority and a number of the vital sectors in it, mainly the financial affairs, human resources, and procurement and stores management, in addition to suppliers dealing with the authority.

The implementation of this new system contributes to achieving efficient link with banks and monitoring of the authority’s fixed assets, in addition to its role in the preparation of the budget and the on time closing of the authority’s final accounts. It also contributes to monitoring the attendance system and overtime calculation.

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