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Page last updated on : 24/03/2023 - 12:54 pm

Biometric verification of cardholders with fingerprints

During the enrollment phase the card holder registers its fingerprints.

These are stored on the card to be used as a second factor to ensure the security that the card holder is the one using the card.

Running the process “Biometric Authentication” the Validation Gateway verifies the correctness of the fingerprint.

The fingerprint image saved on the card is matched towards the fingerprint that the user reads on the reader.

The result is presented in the Graphical Interface. By verifying the fingerprint the card holder can ensure to have access to the certificates on the card.

The card holder can securely use its card to identify themselves to online services and applications.

This will increase usability, security as well as effectiveness both for the card holder as well as for government and corporate organizations.

Step 1

Insert card and choose "Biometric Authentication"

Step 2

Read fingerprint

Step 3

The fingerprint is verified and the result is presented

This service will be available for testing soon. Keep visiting us.

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