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The Cherish of Work

(It is not important to do what you love; rather love what you do).

One should devote oneself wholeheartedly to work, and do his utmost. Both accuracy and honesty must be endeavored. If so, he shall win two rewards at the same time; one is material, and other relates to the hereafter, as a kind of worshiping God. The Sunna supports work saying, “Allah will be pleased with those who try to do their work in a perfect way”. Additionally, there are many evidences urge and appreciate love of work. As far as proficiency, Allah compensates you for the better; as Allah (the Almighty) knows the sincerity and determination.

You may achieve what you aspire to, by determination and dynamism.

Achievements come true, as much as you determination;

As noble deeds match only the noble men work.

Given that an employee observes his work and does his best; you can easily control the rest of his actions and behaviors. Obviously, his work shows his gentle principles and values. Such man is unconcerned with blames for others; rather aggravate determination and resolve to continue at the same pace. He follows the tracks of the verse “say (to him) work, and your work will be seen by Allah and His Messenger”, and the saying of Prophet Muhammad, “mastering work is worship”.

It is not required to only work, but we should be precise in our work, as it has a direct reflection on the nature of the work. Also perfection is the main reason for the success and development of work whatever the field. Work, no doubt, leads to access to self-sufficiency at various levels; therefore we shall be like other nations that have mastered the work, and reached to what aspire to.

It is our duty to love and dedicate ourselves to work, is not it so?

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