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Say thank you, please


If you are given a photo of a group of people including you; who is the first person you will look for in the photo? Definitely, you will look for yourself first and then those who you care for. Let’s recall the days of study: what was your feeling towards the teacher who remembered your name from the first lesson, called you always by name and praised you when you gave the right answer? How do you feel about your manager when he sends an e-mail to the employees or the department where he commends you for your efforts and success? It is undoubtedly a wonderful feeling that gives us a positive energy and encourages us to exert an extra effort.

Global specifications and standards, such as the “Investors in People” specification, as well as quality and excellence awards have dealt with an issue of utmost importance; namely, honoring and appreciation of efforts. Although it is important and easy to use, this issue has always been present yet absent in our organizations and personal life.  The fact that the various forms of “thank you” were mentioned 75 times in the Holy Quran demonstrates how important this issue is. I have worked with people who never missed an occasion to thank others and appreciate their efforts in word or deed. In contrast, I have dealt with people who know nothing about the thanking culture. One of these people is a colleague of mine whom I owe all respect but never heard him say “thank you” to anybody inside or outside the office. So, I told him: “Please, say thank you”.. But it seems that there are things that must come from the heart and cannot be learned at all.

Thanking and appreciating others’ efforts reflects a superior culture, self-respect and the environment in which man has grown up before it reflects appreciation of and respect for others. We all need to be stimulated and “recharged” from time to time because we are human beings. Many studies have proved that a bonus comes in the 6th place while appreciation comes in the first place as the most important motivating factor for employees. So always say thank you and express your hearty appreciation and gratitude one way or another, but before that you should thank Allah for His countless boons and remember the verse “If you give thanks, I will give you more”. We pray to Allah to help us be grateful.

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