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Realizing  that human beings are responsible before God for the things that have been done, as well as things that have not been done; one’s perception of some mathematical concepts will definitely change.

No doubt; reaching this belief and working based on it, will put human beings on a (new path) where “Collective Egoism” will take precedence over “Individual Egoism”, and hence will lead them to be more responsible concerning the social solidarity system which is considered a vital element in building individuals’ patriotism and instilling the concept of social responsibility deep in them.

Being honest to God in all deeds, automatically, leads individuals to excellence, because honesty means being conscientious and giving priority to the higher interest of the country over the personal interests.

Being faithful urges human beings to continuously look for means by which to give people their rights.

One can describe those “abstract people”; so to speak, as “Distinguished” people. However, they are, actually, (people who recognized the reality of their existence) and wanted to make a difference in their society.

We are sheer soldiers of this country.. and we will continue striving, like our ancestors, to give it what it deserves.

Nevertheless, I believe that every individual can make a difference in society by being faithful to God Almighty, and work on materializing the vision of our prudent leadership (God protect them).. This can happen through education, work, unleashing capacities, determination, giving priority to public interests, and serving people.

Life is interesting for those who work to facilitate people’s affairs! And I ask God to help us to do the same, and to be among those “Abstract Distinguished” people.

Our Excellence is our duty


In the name of Allah and Praise be to Allah, and Peace and Blessings be the Messenger of Allah.

Brothers and Sisters the employees of the Emirates Identity Authority

Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon all of you.

Two days ago, I was honored to accept the invitation from the honorable administration of the Higher Colleges of Technology to give a speech during the graduation ceremony of the excelling students for the year 2013, and to honor the distinguished graduates since the year 1991. I am also honored to have been graduated from this national scientific edifice among the graduates of 1998.

I thought that I should seize this opportunity of meeting this elite group of the nation’s youth to urge them into placing the contribution to the march of building our precious country and reinforcing its international competitiveness, at the top of their priorities and goals.

My message to the graduates revolved around working towards achieving a noble message, with giving back to the nation and its wise leadership forming the center of that message.

And working towards servicing a clear and ambitions national goal which is built on contribution to raising the name of the UAE and leaving a mark making this country among the best in the world.

And the keenness to reinforce authentic values, headed by perseverance, trust, continuous learning, accountability, innovation and creativity.

My message to the graduates included an invitation to identify clear personal goals and plans, and to have an established self-confidence, for that is a dept we have to pay back to the nation that provided us with so much and to our leadership that is rarely matched in this modern world, and because graduation is the beginning of the road and an opportunity to join the group that is working hard to upgrade the status of the nation, its reputation and leadership among the nations.

My message also included stressing that the nation awaits from its sons and daughters, and from the students and graduates in practical, to translate the knowledge they have gained during the learning years on the ground and in their practical lives, to contribute in the “Empowerment” phase lead by His Highness The President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to achieve the UAE Vision 2021…

The nation today expects from us more than it ever did, to be leaders in our determination, efforts, work, devotion, enthusiasm and integrity to achieve this noble duty.

My message to the graduates held a call not to stop gaining knowledge and science and not to stop the self development, for that is part of our responsibilities towards ourselves and towards our community… a call to be keen on continuing to learn, no matter how hard it was, as through learning, the human can raise and advance in life.

… and stressing on the fact that the excellence became a method in our country and one of its features, and the best phrase to refer to this fact is the what His Highness Lt. Gen. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Vice Chairman of Emirates Identity Authority, when he stressed that: “Excellence is not a luxury, it’s a national and moral duty”

Brothers and Sisters the employees of Emirates Identity Authority

I wanted to share my message with you, because it is the message of the Emirates Identity Authority to its employees.

As we are seekers of science… and pioneers of excellence…

And because the nation is waiting from us as officials, employees, graduates and students, to give back, and because advanced positions achieved by the UAE in the Global Competitiveness Indicator 2013, require us to double the effort and continue to improve performance in order to achieve the vision of our nation and the ambitions of our leadership, and to gain first places in the fields of competitiveness and leadership among nations.

Our Excellence … is our duty…

That is truly “An obligation and not a luxury”

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