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Presentation Title
Knowledge management is the path towards excellence and competitiveness
Workshop: The importance of knowledge management and ensuring full comprehension of its applied concepts
21 October 2014
Positive Energy
‘Emirates ID Third Dialogue Forum’ of the Emirates Identity Authority
18 October 2014
Strategy in Action: A case from a Public Sector
Strategy Leaders Forum 2014
14 April 2014
KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT – Driving a Knowledge Economy
12 March 2014
“Criticality of National Growth: Thoughts for Discussion”
discussion forum under the theme “Number 1: How to achieve and Sustain
28 January 2014
Organizational Learning: dancing with the elephants
2nd Organizational Learning Conference
30 October 2013
Human Capital Development in the Arab World
Government Human Resource Summit
22 September 2013
Sustainability and Digital Revolution
International Sustainability Conference 2013
02 June 2013
Technology Trends & e-Government
19th GCC eGovernment and eServices Conference 2013
22 May 2013
Nationalization of the Workforce between the Supply and Demand: A Critical Study of the Nationalization Reality in the Arab World.
Second Arab Conference for Human Resource Management. The Arab Organization for Administrative Development. World Trade Center, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
13 March 2013
Privacy in the Age of Big Data
Big Data Systems, Applications and Privacy Conference New York University Abu Dhabi, Injazat Data Systems, Abu Dhabi, UAE
11 March 2013
Innovative Leadership
1st Conference and Exhibition on Innovation and Creativity UAE University, Al Ain, UAE.
05 December 2012
Partnership Relations Management and Corporate Excellence
Partnership for Excellence
25 November 2012
An Innovative Framework for e-Government Transformation
The 2nd Annual IT for Government Summit 2012 Dubai
19 November 2012
Strategic Vision: Public eID Programs in GCC Countries
World eID Congress – Nice French Riviera
21 September 2012
3rd Generation eGovernment: eGovernment Projects Trends
18th GCC eGovernment & eServices Conference Dubai
21 May 2012
Human Resources at Emirates Identity Authority: A Building Block of the New Strategic Plan
Sharing Best Practices of Investors in People Forum Dubai
24 February 2012
Identity Management Infrastructure in the UAE
FutureGov Jakarata – Indonesia
21 February 2012
Emirates Identity Strategic Plan: Lessons Learned from the Reading of the Current and Envisaging the Future
UAE Government Organizations and Leaders Achievement Conference
30 November 2011
Emerging Markets in Digital World (Key Note)
مؤتمر أمن المعلومات والشبكات في الأسواق النامية هيلسينكي، فنلندا
21 September 2011
eGovernment Transformation: GCC eServices Delivery Standards and Recent Developments
17th GCC eGovernmentand eServices Conference Dubai, UAE.
25 May 2011
Case Study: Strategy Development at Emirates Identity Authority
Case Study: Strategy Development at Emirates Identity Authority Dubai, UAE.
06 April 2011
The Development of Digital Economy: Recent Advances in Practice
Security Document World 2011 London, UK..
06 April 2011
Driving Forces
Abu Dhabi International Summit Abu Dhabi, UAE.
04 April 2011
Customer Centricity and National Identity Infrastructure: Key Thoughts & Reflections
ID World Congress Milan, Italy.
18 November 2010
Facing the Challenge of Enrolment in National ID Schemes
The Biometric Landscape in Europe, BEST NETWORK – BIOSIG Darmstadt, Germany.
10 September 2010
The Question of Identity in GCC Countries
The 21st-Century Gulf: The Challenge of Identity University of Exeter, U.K.
03 July 2010
Public Value and ROI Measurement in Government Sector
FutureGov Summit Bali, Indonesia
17 October 2008
Key Thoughts around the management and implementation of Citizen ID Programs
Citizen ID Forum Istanbul, Turkey.
22 June 2007
UAE National ID Program
Electronic Passport Forum. Paris, France.
30 November 2006
The UAE Iris Expellees Tracking and Border Control System
The Future of Secure Documents Florida, USA.
10 December 2004
Briefing on The UAE National ID Card Program
The Future of Secure Documents Florida, USA.
10 December 2004

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