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Love what you do until you do what you love


Love what you do until you do what you love. Sounds brief but full of meanings; does not it? It urges you to do your best and be dedicated toyour job regardless the nature and quantity of the work you do. So, you can get what you expect and reach your targets. We often experience some pressure and routine that may negatively affect our performance.

However, if we apply the above slogan, we can easily cope with this pressure, rise to the challenges and make our job easier.

It simply means that you should be satisfied with what you are assigned to do, be happy with your job and make your best to do it. You should realize that you can’t do it if you do not believe in it and eager to do it. When you love your job, you will be able to be creative and do your best.

Your dedication will lead you to self-satisfaction and even God’s satisfaction. Dedication is recommended in the Holy Quran (Work as God, Messenger and the believers will examine your work) and Prophet’s traditions (God will be pleased with you if you do your job well).

As a public servant, we have certain

principles to achieve job satisfaction. These principles include proactivity, teamwork, and cooperation with and helping colleagues.

This serves the best interest of the Emirates ID Authority, breaks routine, helps employee to avoid apathy and boredom and to achieve success and excellence. We all should trust God, the Almighty, and trust ourselves and our abilities, and should seek to discuss work-related issues and take responsibility in order to feel how important our job is. Getting your appearance in order with a smile of satisfaction and optimism helps boost your morale, bring you more satisfaction with what you do and seek to give better performance and achieve excellence.

One advice that can be given to all employees is that “Stop comparing yourself to others. Work on yourself; build your capacities and proceed to keep pace with all new things related to your job in order to be creative and successful”.

Love what you do. Time and place are not determinants of your career. Your career is only guided by your target and your great dream to make it to the top.

Do not hesitate and stop worrying about challenges that you may face.

If you find climbing that challenging you should be ready to live in quagmires. You should follow certain steps to succeed including self-confidence and goal-setting.

You should also have a plan, take the right actions, make the necessary sacrifices and never give up if you face any obstacle on the way. You should have a strong will and steely determination to do it. This is a call for all of us to improve and develop the Authority we are working for. This improvement should have good effects on our society and our beloved country.

When you love your job you love your country.

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