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Grace period for violators and happiness for human


A significant positive step represented in the grace period given by UAE to the violators to change their status, which entered into force yesterday in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet in this regard, which made the violators flocking to the centers set by the ICA to receive them. This grace period reflects the wisdom of the leadership of the state, which is always keen to take into account the humanitarian aspect in all its decisions.

The initiative “Protect Yourself By Changing Your Status”, which came out of such Decree, was met by interaction of this group of residents who found the Decree an opportunity to change their status, without paying any financial penalties after being waived by virtue of such Decree that also allowed to leave the State without any legal accountability.

Some of the beneficiaries of the Decree considered the first of August 2018 as the day of their birth again, especially those who were discharged of fines of two hundred thousand dirhams for their illegal residency, this day represents the day of coming out of the cycle of anxiety and fear of the future because of their inability to engage in the normal life cycle of the person committed to the regulations and laws. The absence of a legal residency Visa for the resident and his family causes them to be deprived of the facilities provided by the State, primarily access to educational services for their children and health care for all family members. With the change in the status of this segment, a new life is created for them to be happy with others in UAE, the homeland of happiness, which always extends its hand with good and compassion for everyone inside and outside the state.

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