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Passion for Work = Success

I will always believe that the core principle lies in passion for work by the employee…

The question is…

When do we love work?

Why don’t we love work?

We might not loathe our work (jobs), but we still do not love them.

It is always noticed that an employee finds excuses to avoid going to work.

Once he leaves work, he is happy and cheerful as if he is a prisoner who is unexpectedly released.

He wakes up early but yearns to be absent from work.

He finds pleasure and comfort in not going to work even for one day.


The problem with many people is that they look at work from the salary perspective. This is a real problem because you find many people going to their job feeling miserable and frustrated although they may have a high position and salary.

On the other hand, we notice a group of employees who perform their work in the early morning happily and cheerfully and welcome others with a smile and sincere greeting, although they may be simple workers and handcrafters of modest salaries.


Every person can achieve the success they are seeking in any field, provided they love and foster passion in their work and be committed to it. They should not deal with their work as a daily imprisonment out of which they impatiently wait to be released.


Love for work is not a dose of medicine that we take once and recover, but it is a continuous effort as long as a person is alive.


God created human beings with varying interests and skills to practice the professions they enjoy, putting in mind their capacity to achieve success each in their own field.


Work is not an “inevitable evil” rather, an “indispensible virtue” for you and for the society around you.


Tip: You should always go outside your comfort zone, otherwise you will never expand your horizons

Wise Leadership…Bright Nation

For the dear nation under its shelter we rest

Its air, we breathe

Its sea, water and sand, we love

This beautiful nation, we stay awake to protect

So that our country remains strong, untouched

In love of a very beautiful country



I write these words

About our dear country, which is blessed with rational, wise and unique leadership


The word “citizen” comes out instinctively, explicitly and directly from the heart

The heart is filled with love for the only home it knows “Emirates”, a dear and precious nation, engraved deeply in the heart and attached to the soul


A homeland of goodness, dignity and justice

A homeland of pure love and noble generosity

A homeland as an end and means

Our past and our present


We thank Allah for the “leadership” bestowed upon us

It is a unique leadership inspired by the principles established by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of our country and modern civilization

A leadership that saves no effort

In the path of goodness, giving and prosperity

Under a historical leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of our country

Wise and unique leadership, enlightened thought

And genuine principles and values

A leadership that floods us with its generosity

And leaves us eager to share the love, passion and giving


It is difficult to write about what we love

It is hard to express what we feel about “Emirates”

Our Emirates

Our present and our future

Our Emirates

Our love and our passion

Motivating Employees

Some managers rely heavily on reward and punishment in dealing with their subordinates, regardless of their different personalities, characters and occupational positions, while others believe that this technique works only in the short run but is destructive in the end. Such technique might cause employees to quit or act negatively and indifferently towards their work, directors and colleagues.

However, the two groups agree on that paying salaries commensurate with the tasks allocated to each employee, and giving rewards in a fair manner have strong positive impact on the employees.

Some experts hold a very different opinion!

These experts reject the idea that money should be the sole incentive. They hold the view that employees fall into two kinds: a kind that works for the sake of work itself, and in this case, money does not act as a good incentive for them; and a kind that works because they dearly need the money, hence, they maintain the energy to work 24 hours a day in order to make more money.

Money can be a tool to motivate employees, but it is not the main motivation. Sometimes, it may indicate that a manager appreciates the performance of an employee, but in other cases, it is not enough when an employee is seeking encouragement and motivation from those around him.

This is what we felt during the Emirates Identity Authority 4th Annual Forum where distinguished employees were honored. We can say that the speech of the general manager in the forum, his continuous visits to the registration centers, his meetings with the employees and listening to their concerns are the biggest example on the care EIDA’s senior management puts on its employees to encourage and motivate them to continue exerting their utmost efforts.

The technique used in approaching EIDA’s employees shows great appreciation and is the biggest evidence on the trust EIDA has in its employees. This in turn motivates them towards more creation and work to maintain the success of EIDA’s mission and achieve its goals.


Live phrases

I dedicate to you these phrases, which, though tiny in size, massive in essence:

To make mistake is not an issue, no matter how big your mistake is;

To admit mistake and accept advice may not be privilege.

What is really essential is not to commit the same mistake again, never!

To be loathed by others while having self confidence and self esteem is much easier than being cherished by others while you loathe and distrust yourself

Whatever your past mistakes are, do not allow them to overwhelm you, since they will turn your present into hell, and your future into ruins. You may just review them to gain momentum on the way of right and correctness

If you consider all people angels, your dreams may collapse

However, if you over trust them, you may one day repent your naivety

Numerous are the illusions which destroy us before we get to know those who loved us and those who fooled us

Be statuesque in your humbleness, humble in your glory

That is a trait of the great

When you have a heart as delicate as a rose;

A will as stubborn as steel;

A hand as open as the sea;

A mind as vast as the sky,

You are one of those who create the glory

I have seen it!

Three young men, less than ten years old, going out of a store while arming; I have raised my hands as a kind of surrendering, but recognized that they are untrue weapons. This situation happened to me in front of a shop, near a residential area.

Since then, some questions crossed my mind: What makes children spending their savings to buy game weapons, perhaps for several days, and letting delicious desserts? Why children are going without accompanying? What is parents’ way of acting with such games? In addition to many questions that I can not find answer.

If we searched a child life, we will find that it is held on to television, and video games, etc.. Why?

Because a father, on one hand, spends most of the day at work then come back seeking for rest and sleeping till evening, then goes with friends, forgetting the responsibilities towards family and raising children. On the other hand, mother keeps not missing any social occasion, in addition to job requirements for working mothers.

I urge all of you to remember Prophet Muhammad’s message says that every one should supervise his family.

If we make a fast analysis of content and quality of a large number of children’s programs, we will find that most of them inciting violence. Animated series full of destruction, murder and bloodshed, and even ones for sports like football, incite violence.

Any one may see such amazing things when watching a children channel for one hour. It is obviously inciting violence, murder, and destruction, in addition to video games that became most interested in killing, destruction, and guerrilla war. For these reasons, we should not become surprised of children violence.

I invite you all to devote some time for your children to supervise programs they watch. When buying games, you should focus on ones that develop child’s mind and contribute to build character in the proper form, and let games that develop hatred and violence.

Finally, I wish you all a life free from violence. May Allah grant us all success!

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