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Page last updated on : 24/03/2023 - 12:54 pm

PIN Reset

Important: If an incorrect PIN is entered three times the card will be blocked to protect it for unauthorized use. If the card has been blocked the card holder must go to an emiratesID service center where the card can be unblocked and a new PIN set.

To reset the PIN will require that the card holder identifies its ownership with another method as the PIN is no longer usable.

The Validation Gateway offers a possibility to reset the PIN by letting the card holder identify with its fingerprint.

The Validation Gateway verifies the card holder by its fingerprint and lets the card holder set a new PIN. The card is once again usable for the card holder.

This process is used if the card holder has forgotten or doesn’t know its PIN and needs to set a new one.

Step 1

Insert card in reader

Step 2

Choose "PIN Reset"

Step 3

Give the fingerprint

Step 4

Set new PIN

This service will be available for testing soon. Keep visiting us.

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