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Serving Citizens

Citizens first! National organizations have been established primarily to serve citizens and put them as their priority. All sectors are called upon to adopt citizen satisfaction programs and provide citizens with simple, yet complete and integrated, services. The purpose is that the citizen should obtain a service with no hassle or humiliation. Some would act like they are assigned the task of complicating matters for the citizen rather than facilitating his transactions and helping him reach his goals faster and in a shorter time.

Following the state’s primary role in caring for the citizens, it does not conform to its role when some remove the citizen from the list of their priorities or their main concerns, and merely focus on papers and documents; there are no scheduled appointments or previously organized schedules to receive citizens, especially those with complaints and needs. Doors are always locked and the manager is often in a meeting or unavailable and in best case scenarios, the citizen is told to leave his transaction and they will get back to him or call him or he is told to “come back tomorrow” or after a week or a month.

The saying of “citizen first” should be proved through each transaction and attitude. After all, actions speak louder than words. “Citizen first” means that serving the citizens should come first and that a governmental department is founded or established primarily to provide citizens with services, especially in the main fields such as education, health and housing. “Citizen first” summarizes it all; most governmental work can fall under this saying.

Citizen first; you first; ministries, departments, institutions and officials on various levels and in various positions are there for you.

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