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Long live our homeland

I feel very proud when others asking me

Where do you come from?!

I answer them proudly without hesitation,

I come from the United Arab Emirates,

I notice the smile on faces of all the others around me

They welcome me seriously

Some of them may quote some colloquial words,

But their faces are decorated with innocent smile,

That reminds us with the advantages and good features of our homeland,

All of them mention Sheikh Zayed (May Allah bless his soul),

How much I adore you my dear country,

And how much I am proud to be one of this land’s daughters



The important speech delivered by His Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Deputy Chairman of the Emirates Identity Authority, during ID World Abu Dhabi 2011, discusses many deep virtues and wise guidelines; and draws the way for Emirate Identity Institution by a frame of knowledge and thinking for its coming era.

His Highness speech doubles the responsibility of Emirate Identity Institution Head Board, enhances to offer more effort while implementing the Institution’s New Strategy. Also the speech calls to continue adopting improvement thoughts, restrict to implement them in order to share in pushing development and establishing its features in our beloved country.

Additionally, we can say that deep humanity as a whole and worldly has appeared clearly in the speech of His Highness (God bless him), when emphasizing that this world summit is a window of hope, optimism, and confidence that we all establish a safe and stable world. We endeavor to preserve that for our country, welfare of our nations, and the future of our lands.

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