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Page last updated on : 26/12/2023 - 1:49 pm

Ajman Customs

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The smallest emirate among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates lies on the Arabian Gulf coast along with the northern emirates. Its area is estimated at 260 square kilometers .
It includes Ajman the capital , the biggest city and the  two cities , Mesfoot and AlMenameh which are known for their rich agricultural environment.
Ajman combines both an ancient heritage extends through long years of the Emirates’s history and a present hankering after attaining the most developed and modern images of development.

Based on the central geographical location of Ajman between the two emirates Sharjah and Umm AlQuwain , and its nearness to Dubai , an industrial , trading  and building uprising has developed greatly in the infrastructure,  trade activity and the rising of the property investment average during the last years.

With the increase of ships movement and trading exchange through Ajman seaport which houses the greatest ship maintenance workshop , the mind’s eye is infallible , Ajman orientation towards concluding a comprehensive development in all the fields which the region has not yet seen before.

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