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Page last updated on : 08/11/2022 - 12:57 pm

Smart application


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) has taken a great leap forward in deploying ICP UAE Mobile Smart Application services and to provide direct and easy communication channels around the clock to satisfy customers’ needs from both the government and private sectors

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has developed the smart application (ICP UAE Smart) since 2019 and has worked on updating and improving it several times, the last update was in 2021 by designing and interactive Platform that allows easy browsing of the application based on the feedback received from the Mystery choppers Report and the results of the UXLAB issued by Telecommunications And Digital Government Regulatory Authority
The ICP UAE Smart provides the appropriate environment for the user to submit requests by activating the “digital identity” UAE PASS and by using the customer’s account without the need to visit customer service centers to complete the submission of Applications by downloading The ICP UAE Smart Mobile from the Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery and on Google Play. It offers a variety of Government-to-Citizen and Government-to-Business services

Challenge resolved

By offering the application to customers, many challenges facing them have been resolved. The service has been made available through additional, mobile and easy-to-access channels, with no need to visit ICP service centers. Steps of certain services were shortened to less than half, which helped considerably save customer’s effort and time, decrease ICP’s operating expenses and increase capacity of service provision around the clock.

Development and partnerships

ICP has developed a unified and fully automated platform allowing, in cooperation with partners, for smooth and simple communication between ICP and all its partners, including individuals, government agencies and companies, with a view to going paperless. ICP seeks to complete the electronic linking process to allow for data provision and exchange via an electronic system that will actively help achieve integration between ICP and its various partners in terms of service provision and standardization of relevant policies and procedures, and provide means of data verification via ICP’s own systems in a secure, reliable and consistent manner.
We have a team from designers, mobile app developers and quality analysts in our work territories to pass on purposely arranged and creatively made mobile application development services to take our business to the next level.
We have successfully developed our “ICP UAE Mobile Smart Application” of various categories in accordance with the most recent design trends and follow UI/UX principles, as well as We have conveyed software development services and made useful stable applications with super easy to use interfaces.


  • Ease of use, smooth navigation, push notifications and application tracking.
  • Simple design and smooth navigation, based on the opinions of customers engaged in workshops and UX labs.
  • ICP Mobile contributes to alleviating pressure on service centers, and reducing customer costs.
  • It is an innovative platform to make UAE nationals, residents, and visitors happy as they save their time and effort.
  • All nationalities within the (UAE) can view the application in both Arabic and English.
  • The application is equipped with the search, save and share features, and is linked to the e-Dirham smart payment system and Amwal Payment, as well as ICP’s internal systems (e.g. the user companies system at technical departments, the internal workflow system and the reporting center).
  • People of determination can use the text-to-speech feature, Chat bot, Gamification and other emerging technologies.

Added value

ICP Mobile has provided a fundamental re-engineering of registration services, targeting the lowest possible number of steps for a given procedure, which was reflected favorably and remarkably on a number of factors. Service provision time was cut down from 45 minutes to 2 minutes, curtailing direct and indirect material cost incurred by the customer and the operational cost sustained by ICP through reducing the number of staff required to provide the services. The application helped provide new channels for communication with customers.

Outcomes, outputs and impact

  • Reducing the operational cost of information technology (IT).
  • Increasing customer satisfaction, as ICP Mobile application platform is efficient and simple.
  • Streamlining procedures for customers to obtain identity, residence and citizenship services.
  • Offering simple design and smooth navigation, based on the opinions of customers engaged in workshops and UX labs.
  • Customers can view the application in both Arabic and English.

Review and improvement

ICP conducts regular and comprehensive assessment based on the operational feedback; the comments received from the strategic partners, customers and social media channels; and the incoming complaints and remarks. Further, ICP takes the necessary measures to ensure achieving the planned goals, and contributes to the development and upgrading of government services, with an eye to operationalizing the e-transformation system, as the application has been modified several times.

The main page

The main page has been restructured to contain more important details for the user and to provide services easily to access and user friendly, and is available and accessible to any user
once logging in to the application, a box appears to start the expected services for the customer, such as renewing expired or nearly expired documents (passport, identity, residences for dependents).
As soon as one of the boxes is selected, the application will start providing the required service for the expired or nearly expired document

The Digital wallet

The Digital wallet field has been added, which contains an electronic copy of the user’s personal documents, in addition to his family members and his sponsored, such as passports, digital identities and residencies, making it easier for the user to access all documents available in the application through only one screen.

Family Tree

It contains all family members in the form of a family tree from the father, wife/wives, sons and daughters, and different services can be provided to each family member according to the services available to each individual.
In addition to a list of those sponsored by the head of the family, with the services available to each of them

Submit requests through the app

The service provision screen has been developed in the new design of the application so that it becomes clearer and easier to deal with by dividing the data required from the customer according to data categories into successive pages (customer data, personal data, Address and delivery)


In a nutshell, ICP’s experience in transforming into a “smart/digital government” and enabling customers to access its services through the smart application is an example to be emulated at the regional and global levels, especially with respect to using the identity management system in providing these services.
ICP stresses the importance of rolling out and sharing the smart application experience to accelerate the success pace of smart and digital transformation projects adopted by government agencies and ministries in cooperation with their strategic partners, both in the public and private sectors, in line with the UAE National Agenda and UAE Vision.
ICP undertakes to provide its electronic services to customers using the best procedures, with the objective of reducing the number of customers at service centers, saving customers’ time and effort, and streamlining procedures carried out by the customer at home or any location, in implementation of the vision of the wise leadership.
Through many changes in Innovation and Digital Transformation, ICP Mob Application has made a difference, exemplified and digitalized the mission of the ICP, and has positively impacted the Customers specially during the coronavirus pandemic Covid 19.

The application provided various services as follows:
Through this platform, ICP customers and users can request, track for services without the need to visit any of ICP’s Centers. They will also be able to interact with the ICP at any time with their complaints, suggestions and feedback through different channels, namely: Chat bot, E-Suggestion, E-Complaints and Feedback.
The ICP has linked the Emirates ID Card as a personal identification document to The Customers and government services. The objectives of using these features that include Biometrics of the cardholder is to save time, effort and money, and to accelerate the transformation process to smart services.

Emirates ID card Services

  • Residency Services
  • Citizenship Services
  • Check Application Status
  • Passport Services
  • Family Book Services
  • User Profile
  • Card Services
  • Corporate and Organizations Government services
  • Payment integration
  • Push notifications
  • Chat bot Services
  • Quick Search
  • People of Determinations services
  • Proactives services
  • SMS Services
  • Email Services
  • Media News and Social Media channels
  • Digital Participation

Target audience

  • Individuals (Citizens, Expatriate and Tourists)
  • Corporate
  • Government Entities


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