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The identity card is the most important personal identification document. Recognizable efforts were put into this card to turn it into a comprehensive encyclopedia about persons to find any information about them. In the UAE, we can use the ID card as an ATM card as it is connected with beneficiary banks accounts in the state; and maybe in the future this would be available for their bank accounts around the globe. With such smart card we now have little burdens to shoulder.

I’m looking forward to taking the ID card to another horizon to reflect special characteristics of specific and general groups in the society. People with disability need an ID card to identify their needs without much effort. Thus the ID card will show the user identity in the best sense of the word. We know that people with disability needs care in different areas. Some cannot speak clear and widely understood words. Some use sign language which is only understood by few people especially those who work on deaf care. Some are autistic and most of them can not speak. Some are mentally ill and need more care. Another category that may need help is the elderly and illiterate who do not know their date of birth and do not understand employees in public or private sector for different languages and dialects.

I’m looking forward to having a card that really shows the identity of the holder and help the service provider to make the best effort to help the user. At a bank, for example, the ID card will give the bank employees all the information they need in confidentiality with no need to give them any data. It can show the employee whether the customer has special need in reading, hearing, writing, etc.

If the cardholder presents the card to an educational institution the employee will find all the previous educational records of the holder and if the holder needs special care. In medical institutions, the card will help the employee to get a brief history of the patient case, the drugs they are currently on, etc.

I want my country to be ahead of all countries and launch an ID card that carries all information about the holder that may facilitate any service without delay. A smart card is needed; one that takes the holder to the world of quick, quality and accurate service. The card should have applications with high level of confidentiality. Such applications contain the ID information, show the customer needs and help obtain service in a record time with no need to ask or get answers that cannot be available for many people.

We are the real pioneers and innovation is part of our work. We have coined the slogan “Help and Protection are People’s Natural Right”. We all should improve and develop what can make life easier. If we want to develop our services, we should know about them and get the direct and accurate instructions. Then, there will be no room for failure, procrastination or default.

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