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The nation represents one of the most precious treasures in which humans take pride. It is the cradle of childhood, the path leading our steps, the place of youth, the refuge of old age, the source of all memories, the spotlight of our lives, the homeland of our ancestors and the haven of our descendants.  (Quoted)

A person without a nation is a person without an identity, a past or a future. Our love for the nation is irreplaceable; it is the land of our fathers and forefathers; the land of virtue, blessings, generosity and purity.

Patriotism is linked to faith in God and in the nation. It is a word of truth in its meaning and its form. The nation is a symbol of loyalty to the land. It is the place where we were born, where we lived and where we grew up and sought refuge, eating its crops, drinking its water and breathing its air. No matter how far we go, due to life’s circumstances and concerns, for some reason or other, there will always be an urge to go back. Our roots are embedded in its soil. Our affiliation and loyalty is infinite and never perishes, as the poet said:

If I abandoned my nation       My soul would scold me

The nation is a word with simple letters and great meanings. It cannot be expressed in words. It is not just a tale, or uttered words written in a beautiful style. It is one of the most significant blessings offered by God. Therefore, it is our duty to protect it, defend it and sacrifice our most precious belongings for the sake of our nation. We also have to work hand in hand to maintain its safety and resilience.

Our love for our nation is just like the love of a mother who cares for her children’s welfare and comfort. She rejoices when they are happy; is saddened when they are sad and suffers when they suffer. She constantly seeks to reunite them and is keen on maintaining their union and solidarity through thick and thin. She urges them to assist each other. She asks the strongest among them to help the weakest, and the oldest to help the youngest, so that they live as loving brothers, collaborating in righteousness and piety, in one nation and one land, just as the Prophet said, peace be upon him (A believer is for a believer as a structure, each supporting the other).

The nation is the greatest united family providing warmth for its members. It is the shelter and the place where we find security, safety, tranquility, freedom and peace of mind. It is a source of goodness and generosity for all its sons, without exception or discrimination. The nation is a great blessing and it is our duty to preserve its soil and its land by interdependence and cohesion, as well as by instilling noble values ​​in the hearts of citizens. My nation is the homeland embracing the past and present in a never-ending love and a boundless generosity.

Needless to say, harmony, love, altruism and sacrifice are good traits given by God to enable us to co-exist with others in the homeland. Patriotism is the most significant, the most beautiful and the most wonderful kind of love. Nothing transcends this cohesion between the nation and its people. The nation is a word that touched our souls and our consciences before our bodies. The love of leadership for the people is the most evident sign and the strongest manifestation of this cohesion.

Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him said (that wealth is not money wealth, but the wealth of men as they are; the true real power that we are proud of. This is the plant that provides us with shade. The conviction of this truth is the reason why we were able to direct all our efforts to developing people and dedicating the wealth that Allah graced us with to serve the people of this country in order to enable them to fulfill their tremendous responsibilities and be the support that helps us and our brothers).

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan said that (Our basic objective in the UAE is to build the nation and the citizen. The bulk of the country’s income is harnessed to make up for what we missed and catch up with the developed nations that have preceded us, in an attempt to build our country).

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that (The unique heroic relationship between the leadership of the UAE and its people has been and remains one of the secrets of all the successes that have been achieved on the territory of our state. We cherish our past and are proud of our present. We also head towards our future with certainty, awareness, a genuine determination, a relentless willpower and endless efforts).

Nothing can be further added to these wise words about the importance of coherence and cohesion between the leadership and the people in a nation ruled by leaders having a great heart and wisdom in words and actions. In our turn, we have to do everything in our power, with all possible strengths and efforts given to us by God, in order to preserve its assets, resources and structures, protect them from damage, respect its laws and regulations that are first and foremost in the interest of its citizens and be effective elements in building and promoting the nation to always be one of the leading countries in terms of progress and prosperity.

The principle of patriotism cannot be denied; neither by the mind nor by the heart. The nation is not an accent, a nationality or a law to which we adhere. It is higher than all those expressions. And since homeland is a great blessing, we have to preserve its soil and its land by interdependence, cohesion as well as by instilling noble values ​​in the hearts of its citizens.

It is the duty of all of us to root the love of the nation and to instill it in the hearts of our children starting from an early age. They represent the future generation, the generation of the strong future with its religion, culture, customs and traditions conveyed by fathers and forefathers. This generation is the cornerstone to build this country and adhere to values ​​and to the true Islamic religion which urges us to love our nation, to love working, to learn devotion, solidarity, interdependence and to help vulnerable people everywhere.

The Prophet sets a good example for us. Patriotism is not accidental. It is an innate value bestowed by the Almighty upon all humans of all races, species and natures.

Since the nation is so valuable, we have to reciprocate in various fields. The biggest duty is to sacrifice our blood for the sake of the nation and to maintain its freedom, stability, security and safety at all costs, confronting everyone who tries to hamper its prosperity and welfare.

We shall never forget the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and their bodies for the sake of its victory and glory. In return, they received a place in the highest paradise as said in the holy verse (And reckon not those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead; they are alive and are provided sustenance).

A tribute of pride and glory is paid to our pure and virtuous martyrs. The homeland shall always be united, with its leaders and its people, with love and loyalty to our beloved nation Emirates, under a great leadership that we are proud of. We sincerely pray to God to protect our governors and our nation at all times.

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