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Our Superb Authority… Our outstanding Authority

Dear brothers and sisters

In love we always meet

And in good we always get-together

Each and every one of us has seen the positive changes which have taken place in the Emirates Identity Authority over the past three years. Everybody must have felt the magnitude of these changes—quantatively and qualitatively, creatively and outstandingly.

We all must have seen how beautiful our wonderful and outstanding Authority is.

The Authority huddles as us like a loving mother.

We have learnt a lot from the Authority, and so do we benefit much more.

The duty of  loyalty and sense of belonging prompt me, in these moments , to call on the family of the Authority, men and women employees, to write down together, even if one single line.

We express   letters of sincere loyalty and words of thanks and appreciation to H.E. Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Emirates ID Director General, who brought us together around the sense of sincere fraternity and friendship.

We fail to express and select the words of thanks, especially when they are said to those who magnanimously give without limits.

Praise be to the Almighty Allah,  we pay you our director and teacher rich tributes for your sincere efforts and achievements you have made in the Authority.

We pray to the Almighty Allah that you surge ahead, reward you and make others benefit from you.

To he who supports us with his morals, culture and experiences,

To he who made love, glory and magnanimity a goal we yearn to achieve in the ongoing march of our Authority,

To you who has built and set up the towering edifice of our Authority with diligence and hard work, we say:

May Almighty Allah bless your good offices and light up the path of education accessible and acceptable to you.

We wish you all the best and we commend your tireless efforts and great achievements you have made.


Best Federal Authority

Thank God

If you are set on reaching a goal
You should not be satisfied until you reach the top

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Emirates ID Staff,

It is my honor and pleasure to announce to you that our dear authority won the following four awards in Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program:

  • Best Federal Authority award (less than 900 employees)
  • Excellent federal agency in leadership
  • Excellent federal agency in service provision
  • Excellent joint working team award (elections team)

I did not know how to begin writing about this, but thanking God was the best way to do it. I am trying hard to find the words that can adequately express my pride, appreciation and gratitude to all of you, but only thoughts are flowing in this moment like drops of rain filled with optimism, hope and happiness.

Being the best federal authority and winning this many excellence awards mean we are on the right track, the track that we drew its features together three years ago. It led us to our current achievements and will lead us, God willing, to achieve our aspirations, more achievements and better results.

Four awards … Victory feels great …

I look back and regain memories of us together, hard at times; working around the clock studiously in order to finish a project we started or accomplish a goal we set or reach the end of a road we drew.

  • Awards are the result of hard work
  • Excellence is not a grant or souvenir
  • Excellence is the result of effort and hard work
  • Excellent is the award of distinction and creativity
  • Excellence is the first step towards the top and first drop before rain

The title “Best Federal Authority” is a great award for a journey we started together and will continue together. The roadmap for this journey is a crystal pure intellectual and administrative system and a new strategy based on understanding reality, handling it well and addressing its challenges through courage and consistency.

If you are set on reaching a goal
You should not be satisfied until you reach the top

A verse composed by al-Mutanabbi; a verse that summarizes the best meanings of excellence in very few words; a verse that puts us all in direct challenge with post-award duties and responsibilities.

Should we be satisfied with four awards?
Should we stop at these accomplishments?
Should we be happy and smile then count on past achievements?
I am sure that the harder part is coming.
Maintaining success is more difficult that making it.
I am certain that excellence is an infinite journey.
The most beautiful achievements are the ones yet to be made.

My trust in you is ample dear brothers and sisters and I hope you will be the “knights” of the coming achievements as you were deservedly already people of action and stars of excellence.

God bless you all


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