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Page last updated on : 13/09/2023 - 1:37 pm

Strategic Partners

About Authority Partners

The Authority adopts a clear vision to enhance the institutional partnership with its partners by the federal and local government authorities, the private sector institutions and companies along with the categories of customers, in addition to its partners from all countries around the world, on the basis of its belief in the significance of this partnership in achieving the strategic objectives of the Authority in the various work sectors and consequently achieving the vision of the Emirates and boosting its competitiveness and stabilizing its global leadership.

The Authority appreciates the effective role of all partners of all categories at home and abroad, their fruitful efforts, their sincere and constructive cooperation, and their relentless pursuit to realize the Authority’s strategic goals, which helped the Authority to achieve advanced positions in many indicators, especially within the project to measure the quality of governmental services.

Partnership Management Policy

• The Authority seeks, through constructing a distinctive, diversified and strong strategic network of relationships to achieve its vision in creating and achieving “a reliable identity and leading services”. It also seeks to achieve best practices in the field of optimal utilization of the partners’ efforts and their support to achieve its mission and strategic objectives and to effectively contribute to improving the quality of society and providing proactive services that meet the aspirations and hopes of customers before requesting them, in addition to cooperation, coordination and exchange of experience and knowledge in facing challenges and achieving the leadership, anticipatory and flexibility in providing the services through an advanced technical and human system.

• To achieve these goals, the Authority succeeded in building and applying a specialized administrative system for managing the partnerships in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 44001: 2017, with its adherence to continuous improvement thereon. Through this system, the Authority aims to establish, facilitate and develop appropriate and effective participatory relationships with all partners from among the local, federal and international entities, in a way that serves its objectives within a governance framework that supports the work mechanisms and facilitates the decision-making. This system also includes the adoption of partnership plans that contribute to achieve the Authority’s strategy and add actual value for all concerned parties.

• Build co-operative relationships with distinguished partners, selected according to specific criteria so as to be mutually beneficial to the Authority and its partners.

• Ensure that the co-operative relationships are serving clear-cut goals and generating real benefits to both partnership parties through contributing to realize strategic plans, seizing current or future opportunities, or overcoming specific challenges.

• The Authority’s Commitment to identify and define the risks and effects resulting from its work and activities and any potential risks that may affect the management of the relationship with partners.

• We listen to our partners, employees, and different concerned stakeholders, understand their needs and expectations, and we endeavour to meet those needs and expectations in a manner to achieve their happiness and satisfaction.

• We provide the necessary resources to adopt and maintain the partnership management system, and to comply with our obligations towards our partners.

• We strive to continuously improve the partnerships management system so that the optimal results and outputs of partnerships might be reaped and generated to the best interests of all the stakeholders.

• We comply with the requirements of the partnership agreements, the mutual co-operation relations and any other terms stipulated by the ISO 44001:2017 criteria.

The Authority ensures that the policies set for the partnership management system, are clear, transparent and applied across Authority administrative and functional levels. Authority further ensures that such policies are accessible to be read and reviewed by all stakeholders of customers, partners, vendors, and the community members.

Partners Selection Criteria

The Authority shall comply, when evaluating the partnership opportunities with the governmental, semi-governmental and private bodies, with designating the criteria on the basis of which the partners are selected, and the most prominent of which are:

01 Partner expertise and value additions

02 Cultural consistency between the Authority and the potential partner

03 Ability to manage a smooth and satisfactory relationship with its customers

04 Ability to smoothly and effectively manage the supply chain and its relationship with the vendors

05 The potential positive impacts of the partnership on Authority and the mutual benefits generated with the partner

Who are our partners

DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY Department of Health – Abu Dhabi Federal Authority for Government Human Resources Ministry of Community Development

Ministry of Interior Ministry of Health and Prevention National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority University of Sharjah

Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation Ministry of Finance

Key Partners

  •  Social Care & Minors Affairs Foundation – Abu Dhabi
  •  Abu Dhabi Retirement Pension & Benefits Fund
  •  Ministry of Education UAE
  • General Pension & Social Security Authority
  •  Daman Insurance
  • Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
  • Ministry of Justice
  •  Abu Dhabi Airports Company ( ADAC )
  • Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters
  • Abu Dhabi Ports
  • Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism
  • Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi
  • Department of Municipalities and Transport
  • Fujairah Free Zone Authority
  • Fujairah International Airport
  • Fujairah Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Fujairah Municipality
  • Port of Fujairah
  • Department of Economic Development in Umm Al Quwain
  • Ajman Free Zone
  • Department of Economic Development – Ajman
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone
  • RAK Customs Department
  • Sharjah Airport Authority
  • Emirates Post
  • Dubai Courts
  • Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Abu Dhabi Health Services, Co. – SEHA

Supporting Partners

  • Smart Dubai Government
  • Abu Dhabi Digital Authority
  • Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions
  • Tawse Company
  • Gemalto Company
  • Express Printing 
  • Emas Company
  • Typing centers
  • The Federal Electricity and Water Authority
  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)
  • Etihad Airways
  • Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi University
How to Honor ICP Partners?

Bestowal of honors upon the partners is one of the main pivots of the partnership management system adopted by the Authority, as the partners are honored periodically in gratitude and appreciation for their role, support and efforts that contributed to the completion of the Authority’s projects and initiatives in the various domains of work on timely manner and with the required quality.

The Authority has succeeded in governing the procedures for honoring the partners, whether in respect of the selection criteria, procedures or honoring categories, so that the desired targets are achieved and a positive return is ensured for that partnership. In this context, the Authority has adopted a cluster of innovative criteria for selecting the honored partners, as follows:

  1. Supporting the partner within the framework of achieving strategic objectives and achieving the main goal of the partnership.
  2. Support the partner in organizational development and knowledge exchange.
  3. Readiness of partners during the implementation of joint programs with the Authority.
  4. The level of flexibility and cooperation on the part of the partner in dealing with problems and obstacles that may prevent the implementation of joint projects.
  5. The partner’s compliance with the operations and services provided and his commitment to service and quality requirements in conjunction with the agreements and memorandums of understanding concluded with the Authority.
  6. The partner’s contribution to resolving major issues – outside the framework of the partnership – that would affect the Authority’s work.
  7. The efficiency of the partner’s employees or the communication and coordination bodies with the Authority.
  8. The partner’s commitment to attend planned or impromptu meetings to discuss and deal with partnership projects.
  9. The partner published his successful experiences and innovative applications that would improve the Authority’s work.
  10. The size and importance of the projects and programs to which partners contribute as part of the mutual partnership with the Authority, and the added value that contributes to the Authority’s work and its results.
  11. The effectiveness of the partner’s follow-up of the joint program and projects, exchanging information, and submitting periodic reports thereon.
  12. Having a work plan with the partner to organize the implementation of joint projects and determine the roles, responsibilities and time frame for completion.
  13. Participate in joint teams and committees to consider how to develop the work.
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