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My bright side


A pessimist sees only black sides and dark corridors where there is no glimmer of light because he always assumes the worst. In contrast, an optimist sees the light amidst the darkness; it is he who always assumes the best and believes that there is a solution to every problem. An optimist smiles whenever he comes across a difficult situation and has faith in Allah that hard times will be over.

Get moving, raise your ambitions and be positive because positivity strengthens your will, motivates you to work, keeps you busy and fills your life with clarity and vitality. So, try always to be optimistic by giving up the idea that the world is against you. Use a different perspective for thinking and do not let your mind wander negatively. Do not give the opportunity to anybody to play with your thoughts negatively and remember that no matter how much the sky is filled with black clouds, there must be a shaft of light that dispels the black clouds and makes the sky clear again.

Change yourself because everything in the universe changes. But change yourself for the better and delete such words as “I cannot” from your dictionary. Do not say “I will do it tomorrow” but do it now and keep away from those who would discourage you and are unable to achieve any progress and mix with hard-working people held in high esteem.

Do not be satisfied with a little success but try to achieve as much success as possible. Make success stories for you and have the will to achieve more successes, noting that every success will bring more successes with it as long as you have a firm will.

Trust yourself and your job; trust is derived neither from prestige nor from wealth but springs from somewhere inside you and is your passport to what you seek. Your self-confidence will give you strength to remain steadfast and will push you to further ambitions.

It is nice to discover your strengths and reinforce them constantly but it is nicer to know your weaknesses and try to overcome them. Do not be ashamed of doing so because we are humans who have shortcomings but this will not deter us from correcting our weaknesses and rectifying our shortcomings. Be proud of yourself and try to think but positively.

Remember that if you have a hollow mind, you will not be aware of any achievement in your life. Read, learn, communicate and refresh your ideas and you will find that you have sailed in another world and delved into knowledge with confidence. This will reflect in the way you work.

Remember also that all achievements have begun with an idea that was put into practice and proved successful. Similarly, your mind can generate an idea that will attract other ideas. Let your mind work and be sure that a small spark can cause a great fire. Never underestimate any of your ideas; you might look at it as a small idea but it could be a great one for others.

Last but not least, decide which direction you want to go because if you do not have goals, you will remain in place and achieve no progress. Put down your future goals, activate your potential powers, draw plans and a correct path and be eager to reach the peaks. Do not look at minor goals and be armed with hope and confidence in all your journeys to your goal. Do not rely on luck because luck may and may not come to you.

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