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Superior Meanings for Excellence and its inevitability


“Less said, the better”. Hence, the best to start with is to pray Peace Be Upon the great Prophet Mohammad, and then extend gratitude to our dear country and pray to Allah to keep it secure, peaceful and prosperous.

I have read an article by H.E. Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Director General of Emirates ID, titled “Our Excellence is Our Duty”. I read the article published in the Discussion Window on the Authority’s website more than once because it incorporates superior values and wonderful meanings and messages of love, belonging and loyalty to our country.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude, at first place, to my organization and then to H.E. the Director General for his great role in encouraging Emirates ID’s employees to achieve excellence and his contributions in clarifying its meaning. As he said, excellence is not a luxury in our lives anymore; it is a duty that we need to exert every effort to achieve in our entire future endeavor.

I always remember Dr. Al Khouri’s first visit to our center during which he conveyed encouraging messages, advices and guidelines to the staff. Those messages played a key role in motivating the employees and urged them to adopt the principles of dedication and devotion to work, and to consistently do their best.

His great words are always in my mind. They’re full of enthusiasm and determination to upgrade the name of our entity towards achieving excellence in all areas locally, regionally and globally; something which we have always knwon about him. Those words reflect a wide knowledge, open mind, great talent and distinguished leadership seeking to make our organization the best among all other local and federal government entities.

One of the advices that is still shining in my mind like a star in a clear sky, is the encouragement of Dr. Al Khouri to the Authority’s employees to complete their higher studies and urging them to excel in both scientific and practical fields. That was a turning point for me.  Inspired by his directives to excel in my studies, I registered to continue my university education, and full of passion to complete my higher education, I have topped my college throughout my study till this date when I’m about to be graduated.

At this point, I have to thank the UAE prudent leadership for providing unlimited support to Emirates ID thereby helping it excel and achieve success after success while serving internal and external customers on the road to materialize its mission to contribute in national and individual security. This is done through promoting the ID card in the UAE, keeping an accurate population register and providing innovative electronic services.

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