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Page last updated on : 18/07/2020 - 3:45 pm

Registration Strategy

Emirates Identity Authority launched the Population Registration Plan which aims to achieve the main strategic thrust and goal in the authority’s strategy 2010-2013. The plan depends upon the execution of 3 main thrusts gradually and within the approved time plans. These thrusts are:

(1) Process re-engineering:

This thrust aims to increase the capacity in the registration centers and organize population flow by reducing the length of process completion from 20 minutes to be between 8- 10 minutes, and reviewing the internal design of the registration centers. This thrust also includes the development of the Population Register system’s infrastructure to increase the capacity and productivity to more than 20,000 transactions per day by the end of 2011.

(2) Linking the registration with the residency issuance and renewal:

This strategic thrust aims to link the registration of residents with the Ministry of Interior’ procedures of residency issuing and renewing, and the establishment of 25 registration centers linked to the Preventive Medicine administrations in the country to facilitate the service for the customers, as it is the only place in the country which the resident is required to visit personally.

This initiative also includes the development of a unified electronic registration form to merge and unify 4 forms currently used in the country to prevent duplication of procedures and repetition of data, these forms are: Emirates Identity Authority Registration form, residency form for the Ministry of Interior, Labor form for the Ministry of Labor and the Preventive Medicine form. The new electronic form will also include a mechanism to collect the fees for all authorities from one unified electronic clearing.

(3) Developing mobile registration devices for the labor category:

This strategic thrust aims to register the labor category in the country by developing and providing mobile registration devices, and delivering this service at their work or residence locations. This thrust will contribute in the registration of the labor category that constitutes to 40% of the population.

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