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Page last updated on : 26/08/2020 - 7:57 pm

Population Register

The Population Register Program is a national pioneering project that comes under the significant development plans in the U.A.E. Nowadays; it is considered one of the governmental initiatives aiming at achieving the continued development and growth in all life aspects, in addition to being one of the e- governmental projects.

Purposes and benefits of the Population Register Program :

  • Set up and develop an accurate centralized database as well as secure the information security and secrecy.
  • Identify and verify the identity of individuals thanks to the identification number associated with the biological characteristics.
  • Issue a safe smart identity card to identify all the population of the UAE.
  • Achieve linkage and integration with the various government and semi- government authorities.
  • Provision of statistical information and data in support of planning and decision making.
  • Provision of a solid infrastructure for the e- government project.
  • Upgrade and ease of the governmental services level.
  • Put an end to forgery.

The Population Register Program includes a centralized database consisting of particulars and data of all UA nationals and residents of the UAE which were collected upon registration. The newly used technology in the Population Register Program helps avail the latest methods of protecting the data and information in addition to provision of a safer environment to identify and verify the identity of individuals

System components

  • Data registry.
  • Biometric system (electronic fingerprints system).
  • Documents photocopying and archiving system.
  • System automation and management programs.
  • Smart cards and digital coding.
  • Security system.

Electronic Linking

In order to reduce the cost of establishing and maintaining similar or repeated database and simplifying the governmental measures and services for the population, the Emirates Identity Authority will link the Population Register with other ministries and corporations so that the Register becomes a central source for decision making in the UAE, the matter which supports the UAE to become a pioneer and leader in various development aspects

The below diagram reflects the integration between the Population Register and the most critical sectors in U.A.E.:

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