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“Protect Yourself”



With the start of the grace period countdown set by the Cabinet for violators of residency laws to change their status or to leave the state voluntarily, and to remove the fines resulting from illegal staying in the state, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to learn the public about the campaign launching, which will begin titled “Protect yourself by changing your status”, as of the first of next August, and continue till October 31, 2018. Brigadier Rakan Al-Rashedi previewed the details of the initiative and its beneficiaries at the press conference held by ICA for such purpose at its headquarters in Khalifa City the day before yesterday. He explained further through the mass program “Studio 1” in Abu Dhabi Radio with colleague Salem Al Kaabi.

The initiatives confirmed the great consideration given by our wise leadership to the safety of the society and its citizens. This is th care which is reflected by ICA and Ministry of Interior and its strategy to enhance the sense of security and safety of all people living in UAE, whether its citizens or residents. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship was very keen to highlight the humanitarian decision of our wise leadership to grant a one-year renewable residency visa to our brothers, whose countries are suffering from turmoil and disasters, and whose countries have been afflicted by various instability and are facing difficult conditions that will prevent them from returning to them in the near future.

ICA provided all the facilities and centers to receive those who wish to benefit from this grace period within 90 days, which is a sufficient period for those who are serious and want to change their status or leave the state. The toll-free number assigned for this good initiative provides adequate answers for anyone who wants to inquire and learn more, in many languages, to reach the right information to all people, as well as the required step and procedure.

We praise the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for the greatness of its ongoing preparations, in order to maximize the benefit of this step. We hope that we all will interact with it, especially the national sponsors whose works have been stalled for one reason or another and postponed the status changing of their sponsored persons until the improvement of their conditions and found that the circle of violation expanded and the fines multiplied.

The optimal interaction of such people with the initiative is very important, as it serves the state and the law enforcement authorities. It is our duty to encourage violators to take advantage of this initiative and the grace period, because, as stated in its title, they protect themselves from violating the law again, and protect themselves from those who want to harm them, taking advantage of their ignorance of the Law.

Visas and Residency System


Under the guidance of its wise leadership, UAE government works on strengthening the state leadership and status at the regional and international levels and attract more investments at the various economic sectors. This comes in line with the state’s orientation to broaden its economic base, based on the objectives of “UAE Vision 2021” which aims at creating a flexible, various and innovative economy so that the state could become the best in the world in line with (UAE Centennial 2071).

Since UAE works on overcoming all challenges and providing various advantages and facilities necessary to improve the investment climate and business services, ICA’s Board of Directors confirmed during its second meeting 2018, which was held recently, its complete readiness to implement all the Decrees issued by the Cabinet during the last months of May and June, pertaining to the launch of an integrated system of foreigners entry and residency visas to attract efficient and talented people and the adoption of a new legislative package to review the current residency system with the aim of facilitating the status of visitors and residents in the state, securing flexible and easy procedures and providing the best services.

The inauguration of the integrated system of entry visas last May, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to attract efficient and talented people and allow international investors to own 100% of their companies, embodies the legacy and inherent values of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which was complemented by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan which aim at helping UAE to be become a safe and attractive center for all people hoping to work, reside or invest in the state, through various decrees and policies which take into consideration the humanitarian dimension, seeks to provide stability and a decent life for all those living in the State and provide them the opportunity to consider their future scientific and professional options to work, invest and reside in UAE.

The decrees of granting the nationals of countries who are suffering from wars and disasters a residency visa for one year, regardless of the conditions of residency, extension of the residency visa of the widows or divorced women and their children for one year without the need for a sponsor, as well as granting grace period to violators who reside in the state illegally to settle their status or to leave the state voluntarily without having any legal consequences and exempting them from fines, reflect the civilized approach, which reflects the noble and authentic values of good leadership in the UAE and has a positive impact on enhancing the state’s competitiveness and stimulating economic growth which achieves the comprehensive and sustainable development and increases the level of welfare and happiness for both citizens and residents.

UAE has become a key and essential destination for money and business community from all over the world through its strategic decisions in investment and residency. It has been considered an environment that attracts everyone. It enables them to excel and achieve their hopes and aspirations. UAE have various potentials to attract investments and strategies which supports the economic, cultural and scientific openness and provide facilities that serve the economic sectors. This, in fact, enhances the position of UAE as one of the best countries for those seeking safe resorts and suitable investment environments.

There is no question that the honorable leadership’s keenness to facilitate the movement and residency of investors and the efficient people in UAE goes hand in hand with the image of the state as a symbol of openness, coexistence and respect of the other. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: “Our open environment, tolerant values, infrastructure as well as flexible legislation are the best plan to attract the international investments and exceptional talents into UAE.” HH added “Our country is the land of opportunities, the best environment to achieve the people’s dreams and launch their unique potential and talents.”

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