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Page last updated on : 18/07/2020 - 3:43 pm

Investors in People

The “Investors in People” project is aimed at adopting the best practices to improve productivity by doubling the potentialities of the Emirates ID’s employees, considering that the project provides a framework specially designed for the employees to ensure that they show their actual abilities.

The project is not limited to the development and training of employees but also includes developing business, improving productivity and profitability, increasing competitive advantages, increasing the return on investment in human capital, developing the employees’ skills and improving the process of retaining human resources.

The project incorporates a set of basic elements that must be emphasized including the fact that the human element is actually one of the Emirates ID’s most valuable and important mainstays. They also include strengthening the Emirates ID’s position as regards the development of employees and highlighting both the adoption of a methodology to upgrade the Emirates ID’s performance and the commitment of the Higher Management to the development of the human element and its full support for its success.

As part of its adoption of the project, the Emirates ID should recognize the contributions of its employees, as the project should motivate them to improve their performance and be involved in the decision-making process,

Through the “Investors in People” program, the Emirates ID reiterates its commitment to providing an opportunity for each of its employees to learn and develop, regardless of their job titles, enabling them to be fully aware of the job they are expected to do and the accomplishments expected to be achieved.

The Emirates ID does not look at spending on training and development as a financial burden but as a long-term investment that should be planned while the expected return on this investment should be evaluated and specified.

To view the introductory brochure for Investors in People project, click here .

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