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Page last updated on : 15/01/2022 - 6:42 pm

Results of the E-decision

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E-Consultation Results for 2020

ICA aims to enhance the experience of users, by sharing with them the results of surveys, questionnaires and electronic consultations on its website, so that users can see these outputs in a transparent and objective manner to give the public and users the possibility to contribute directly to the decision making in terms of design and development of electronic and smart services, the design of the website, understanding the customer, improving the customer journey and other proactive services that need to be developed in order to be included in our future development and improvement plans.

ICA has rolled out electronic consultations on the following services:

  • E-consultation on awareness raising and marketing channels
  • E-consultation on website development
  •  E-consultation on the Authority’s launch of the Chatbot platform
  • E-consultation on the launch by ICA of the Gamification platform
  • E-consultation on improving and developing the smart application Mob App
  •  E-consultation on Gamification

Observations and suggestions received and decisions taken

Electronic consultations have been launched to measure the extent of user satisfaction and awareness of the website, smart application, Chatbot, Gamification and awareness raising in order to identify their views on the home page and other sections of the website, application and other services that need to be developed for inclusion in our future plans in design, development and targeted improvements to meet your needs and take suggestions or notes that would improve the experience of visitors and users of the electronic services provided by the site or application.

The following are the most important observations and suggestions received by customers:

E-consultation on website development

Feedback and suggestions received Corrective decisions taken
Provide an option to update the sponsored person file data in the sponsor’s profile The option is provided in the sponsor’s profile on the website and the application
Apply emerging technology in the website such as Gamification and Chatbots The Gamification and Catbot features have been implemented on the website and the smart application
Adding investor services to the website Golden residency services have been added in accordance with Cabinet Resolution (56) of 2018 regulating residency permits for investors, entrepreneurs and people with specialized talents
Difficulty accessing priority services Priority services were highlighted on the website’s main page with the division of identity, citizenship and residency services to become clearer to customers and facilitate their access to browse the service card and start the service with one click.
Improving the speed of links and their transition to another page on the website The speed of the links on the website has been improved so that these links match the addresses of the landing pages and through which the user at each level or page can easily browse and return to the previous level when pressing the back button, and broken and slow links were detected and fixed based on a mechanism of detecting broken links and checking security vulnerabilities
Inquire about the status of the application on the website Developed procedures for tracking transaction or application status
Request to update the data on the website This feature was made available by launching the “Your Data. Your identity” campaign through the website and the smart application for citizens, where the data is entered by the family book holders, and at the beginning of the entry, the smart application will automatically go to the page of the head of the family to start the update, then move later to choose to update the data of the rest of the family members, and finally agree to the terms and conditions and submit the service.

E-consultation on the Chatbot platform

Feedback and suggestions received Corrective decisions taken
Sending SMS constantly to use the Chatbot Work is underway to implement the feature of sending SMS messages to educate customers about the need to use advisory support services such as Chatbots and ask Hamad to respond to inquiries or provide services.
Inclusion of all hypothetical questions expected from the customer with adequate answers to update them periodically in line with daily events and variables. Most of the frequently asked questions by the customer, as well as the recently launched services, have been included to inform the customer of all developments and decisions.

E-consultation on awareness raising and marketing channels

Feedback and suggestions received Corrective decisions taken
Intensive marketing campaigns launched The authority has marketed priority electronic and smart services, future projects, events, activities and initiatives on social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter), as well as through external exhibitions, media briefings and designing introductory brochures.
During Covid-19, the authority has been educating the public about electronic and smart services on social networks, in order to raise the efficiency of awareness among the public and direct them to use electronic and smart services.
It also launched marketing campaigns to introduce the population data update service through the website and smart application, the campaign to exempt violators from fines, and the marketing of other services such as proactive services, golden residency services and Mabrouk Mayak.

E-consultation on the Smart App

Feedback and suggestions received Corrective decisions taken
Slow app loading Smart app download speed has been handled by Apple and Android platforms
Launch new services and improve access to complete procedures without technical glitches

Proactive services have been launched on the website and smart application, and they include the following services:

  • UAE Citizens passport renewal service.
  • Emirates ID card renewal service for UAE citizens
  • Status adjustment service
  • Visa Extension
  • Fine Payment Service.
  •  So that the system automatically creates a request from the appropriate service that the customer needs according to his data and status, then the system notifies the customer of the request that was created for him to approve the request without the need to re-enter any data or attachments, and only the process of paying the necessary fees for the request is initiated.
Awareness raising about smart application services The services of the smart application were marketed in exhibitions and digital channels, so that the number of users of the smart application increased in 2019-2020, and customers were directed to electronic and smart channels to complete their transactions in order to increase awareness of the electronic services provided and to raise the percentage of smart transformation, especially with the launch of the digital transformation strategy and the completion of the automation of all its electronic and smart services at 100%
Difficulty accessing some services The application has been redesigned and some sections developed. The main priority services in the application were also highlighted before logging in with the digital identity by clicking on “General Services” and identifying the service card, collecting departure fees, registration of arrivals and other services needed by the customer.
Application of emerging technology in smart application such as Gamification and Chatbots The Gamification and Chatbot features have been implemented in the smart application, through which awareness messages and updated notifications are sent to the public.

E-consultation on Gamification

Feedback and suggestions received Corrective decisions taken
  •  Motivating participants with prizes and rewards, accumulating points, adding membership, communication and challenge among participants
  •  Continuous marketing of the platform
  •  Diversity and development of games offered on the platform
Work is underway to develop the Gamification platform with scenarios and models outside the box and add various topics to contribute to support government work and reflect reality in an interactive and innovative manner with the community

E-Consultation Results for 2017

Satisfaction rate with the website

A percentage of 76.42% of customers of ICA expressed satisfaction with its new website, which was launched on the sidelines of its participation in the thirty seventh version of “Gitex Technology Week 2017” exhibition.
This was revealed through a poll conducted by ICA via its website, in which 24,762 persons participated, about 14.37% of them expressed their neutrality towards the subject of the poll, while over 9.2% expressed dissatisfaction with the new look of the website.

Average waiting time in centers

An opinion poll conducted by ICA on its website showed that 78.17% of the respondents confirmed that they benefited from the “Average Waiting Time ” service provided by ICA via its website, to enable its customers to identify the waiting time in its customer happiness centers.
The poll in which 27,900 persons participated revealed that the percentage of those who said they do not benefit from the service did not exceed 9.84% while 12% were neutral towards the question posed by ICA. The waiting time identification service is a new and distinct service provided by ICA to its customers through its website, to enable them to know the waiting time in each of its customer happiness centers and the one closest to their location and the time it takes to reach it.

Browse through “Identity and Citizenship” website

An opinion poll conducted by ICA on its website showed that 87% of the respondents confirmed that they can obtain information easily by browsing the authority’s website. The poll in which participated 8,465 persons revealed that the percentage of those who find it difficult to get information by browsing through the website did not exceed 7.32% while 5.91% were neutral towards the question posed by ICA.

Fill in” the Form” via the website

In a poll in which more than 5,600 persons participated, 13.39% tend to submit their applications through the smartphone application while 64% of ICA’s customers prefer to fill in the “Form” through its website. An opinion poll conducted by Emirates Identity Authority showed that 64.42% of its customers prefer to provide requests for issuing, renewing and replacing the identity card through the electronic form provided by the authority for this purpose on its website. A percentage of 14.69% of participants in the poll conducted by ICA through its website said that they would prefer to submit their applications for services related to the identity card in the approved typing centers, while 13.39% expressed their tendency to submit their applications through the smart application on mobile phones and tablet devices, while 7.5% preferred obtaining services through customer service centers (Urgent Service). In the survey, more than 5,630 visitors to the website participated in the monthly opinion poll conducted by the Authority to measure the level of satisfaction of its customers with its services and procedures.

E-consultation results for 2018

Using the ID number and the unified number in the electronic form system

Over 83% of the customers of ICA, expressed support for the use of the ID number and the unified number in the system of the electronic format for data retrieval rather than re – entering them when applying for renewal or replacement of identity card and other services. This was revealed in a poll conducted by ICA via its website, in which 44, 830 persons participated, and about 17% of them expressed their refusal of the procedure.

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