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Surrounding yourself with happy people makes you happy


Life is all about happiness. We always dream to be happy so we are putting a lot of time, effort and money into it. Can we fulfill it or it would remain a distant dream that we cherish but can not realize it. Happiness has a wider concept that cannot be covered in this limited space or explained in few words. To put it simple, we can say that happiness is that feeling that we feel that everything is ok and beautiful or when we achieve a long-cherished goal. It is when you feel inner peace and self-satisfaction. Happiness is not about having perfect life. It is just a sign of how you are consistent with yourself and with the situations around you. It indicates that you have made your decision to disregard any imperfection.

It is not a matter of luck; rather it is an ability to overcome difficulties. Try to make others happy by saying kind words to them, bringing joy to them. This would make God satisfied with you and add more good deeds to your wallet. Speak warmly and treat all people kindly. Be quiet rather than hurting others with your words even if they have done something wrong to you. This shows how patient and forbearing you are. Treat people with kind heart and gentleness. Overlook insignificant things in order to keep your friends. Treat people naturally; have mercy on them especially those who are weak, poor or ill. Be yourself do not fake it. Be honest and informal and let other to be themselves when they handle you.

Avoid much blame and if someone blames you do not interrupt them but learn and do not be like that person who broke an alarm clock because it has got him out of bed. Do not be fiery. Fiery temper is bad in all cases. Do not be rough with others as such traits may alienate people and reduce your reward in the afterlife. Allah says, “If you were rough and hard-hearted they would have been alienated”. Make smile a lifestyle to make others happy. Nothing can make you happier than smiling. Smile at other people and share joy and happiness with them. Our Prophet said, “It is charity to smile at your brother”.

You should feel content with what you have and make contentment your life slogan. You should always be eager to give and accept your fate as happiness lies in feeling content with what you have as content brings peace to your mind and make you feel that only God can decide what will happen to you. You should be a source of happiness and beauty for others. You should feel it deep inside as you cannot give what you do not already have. To feel happy, you should be always positive and optimistic, and always ready to develop and prove yourself. Set your target and do your best to reach it to be successful as success is another source of happiness. Get rid of your negative thoughts and feelings about others.

Do not be upset with people, things or incidents that can make you feel blue or desperate. Let others enjoy their freedoms and do not control their decisions; share with them and give them sincere advice. Happiness cannot be attained through wealth, power or authority. Such things may lose their magic over time. Happiness to be close to your family and have intimate friends to share with them the best moments in your life. Learn, work and teach others as much as you can and give without expecting anything from anyone and God will not let you down.

Happiness is not the target; it is just a basic need for all of us and to make people around us happy in a way or another is the best way to find real happiness. Happy people see the present as the best days, expect a better future and live the moment enjoying life to the maximum. This can be reflected on his life and the life of other people surrounding him. It is wonderful to be always ready to help. Happiness is something you do, something you love and something you aspire to achieve. To be happy and make others feel the same, you should wish others what you would wish yourself”.

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