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Nov 14/2013

In all standards, it is an achievement. An achievement to be attributed to the Emirates Identity Authority and adds to all its non-stop achievements.

Before anything else, it’s a scientific achievement for the UAE which has become a model for other countries in development, growth and advancement as well as in pioneering and excellence experiences which have become the focus of the whole world.

I’m referring here to the invitation received by Emirates ID from the consortium in charge of EU’s Secure Identity Across Borders Linked 2.0 (STORK 2.0) project to join the consortium as “Special Advisor”. STORK 2.0 is one of the largest strategic projects carried out by the European Union to develop a mechanism to identify and confirm individuals’ identities in its countries. It also aims to achieve great benefits in the areas of economy and security.

No doubt, selection of the UAE represented by Emirates ID by such a prestigious entity like the EU Consortium which is in charge of setting up the unified identity system in the ‘Euro’ Zone, has several meanings and connotations. It is an evidence that the UAE has become a pioneer in managing the advanced ID and in developing its secure, modern and reliable systems. UAE’s experience is distinguished among other countries and has become a motive for them to follow its steps. Moreover, the projects launched and being launched by Emirates ID aiming more development and progress are the focus of others.

The selection is a recognition of the importance of UAE’s experience which should be followed in application and execution, particularly that it is connected to economic and security issues and closely linked to infrastructure projects such as health, commerce, education, economy, finance and other services related to quality and smart service.

Hence, selection of the UAE and the Emirates Identity Authority to join the EU consortium was not done by chance, but it was based on a pioneering experience in the field and a result of excellence, innovation, launch of creative projects, strategies and initiatives under the support of the country’s prudent leadership. This has created a global reputation for the UAE while going through such an experience that has become a model for other countries in the world to follow and implement.

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