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Page last updated on : 10/10/2020 - 10:50 pm

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Abu Dhabi Government

Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship has successfully partnered with the Abu Dhabi Government in providing Digital ID Services based on the National ID Card.

Citizens and Residents of Abu Dhabi are served by the Government on the web portal The portal is the gateway for accessing various e-Services provided by the different departments of the Abu Dhabi Government.

Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship has worked closely with the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center (ADSIC) in bringing the Identity Services through the National Validation Gateway. The ID Services from the Validation Gateway have been integrated on this Abu Dhabi government portal. As per ADSIC, the high security and the speed in customer provisioning, subsequent remote identification and verification have immensely contributed to the service delivery efficiency of the Government. It is estimated that the customer provisioning time has been cut by nearly 95%. Furthermore it has enabled the Government to deliver more services remotely.

An ID card holder can register on the Portal using the ID card for accessing the services. The card holder’s data is read off a card reader enabling instant provisioning of the customer. The PIN verification mechanism on the ID card enables multi factor authentication providing higher trust and security to the card holder. Such a registrant is accorded higher privileges and enables trusted online transactions with the Abu Dhabi Government.

Apart from the Identity Verification Services, the National Validation Gateway provides Digital Signature Services to the Abu Dhabi Government employees. Documents are now digitally signed using the certificate credentials provided in the individual’s National ID Card. The Government circulars are now being digitally signed. This service has enabled the Abu Dhabi Government to effectively implement their Green Policies and conducting G2G communications efficiently.

For more details and/or enabling your organization to reap similar benefits of the National ID Validation Services, please contact

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