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Page last updated on : 21/12/2022 - 3:50 pm

Green Agenda

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Quality, Health, Occupational Safety and Environment Policy

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security is committed to establishing, documenting and implementing an integrated system for managing quality, occupational health, safety and the environment, and maintaining and developing it continuously in accordance with the requirements of international standards:
ISO 9001:2015- ISO 45001:2018- ISO 14001:2015

Including its commitment to:
1) The commitment of the higher management of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security to identify, understand and meet the requirements of its customers effectively beyond their expectations and achieve their satisfaction by adopting the implementation of the Customer Happiness Charter and the Customer Complaints Charter.
2) Controlling, monitoring and reviewing the processes of providing services to customers and working to improve them continuously, whether for services provided by the Federal Authority, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, or through its external partners and suppliers.
3) Continuous improvement of the quality management system, occupational health, safety and the environment, setting ambitious goals and targets and following up on their achievement.
4) Building and developing the energies and capabilities of employees through effective training to ensure raising the level of quality of services provided to customers and the level of performance in dealing with their opinions and complaints.
5) The Authority’s commitment to identifying and defining the potential risks, opportunities and impacts on matching the services provided and determining the necessary procedures and controls to limit their impact on the quality of services provided to customers and all interested parties.
6) The Authority’s commitment to identifying and defining the potential risks, opportunities and impacts of its routine and emergency work and activities on occupational health, safety and the environment, in order to provide an environmentally friendly and safe work environment for employees, customers, visitors and all interested parties.
7) Work to prevent environmental pollution, environmental accidents, occupational health and safety, and occupational illness as much as possible.
8) Commitment to the laws, legislation, agreements and treaties of the state related to quality, health, occupational safety and the environment.
9) Ensuring the efficiency and ability of employees to accomplish their tasks with a high degree of quality and excellence, engaging them, consulting them and communicating with them on an ongoing basis and encouraging them to assume their responsibilities with regard to quality, environmental impacts and occupational health and safety risks, and providing the infrastructure, resources, personal protective equipment and instructions necessary to make the work environment safe and free from Risks.
10) Paying attention to the feedback from customers by monitoring their opinions and surveying their satisfaction, responding to and analyzing their complaints, and setting effective improvement and corrective measures with the aim of addressing their causes and avoiding their recurrence.
11) Ensure readiness and preparedness for different emergencies affecting occupational health, safety and the environment.
12) Implementing robust environmental practices and controls in the management of the Authority’s buildings, facilities, vehicles and equipment.
13) Implementing controls on the resources consumed in the Authority in order to rationalize consumption and encourage recycling and reuse.
14) Use safe materials and equipment and provide information on appropriate methods for handling, carrying, storing and disposing of them in a manner that preserves the environment and occupational health and safety, and avoiding the use of materials harmful to the environment.
15) Adopting quality, health, safety and environment standards in selecting suppliers of goods and services to the Authority.

Environmental initiatives

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security adopts a wide range of initiatives that focus on the environment and contribute to its protection. These initiatives vary between activities at the level of service centers, operational activities, and institutional services.

The following is a list of the most prominent environmental initiatives adopted by the Authority:

• Replacing the old data center with a modern data center that meets environmental requirements through its “Green Design” technical design, which contributes to rationalizing energy consumption
• Stop printing documents resulting from the process of stamping “registration receipts in registration centers” and only electronic copies
• Activating the internal electronic correspondence initiative to reduce the consumption of papers and inks
• Recycle water cans and papers and provide special containers for separating different types of waste.
• Recycle damaged and recovered cards.
• Implementation of the water-saving networks system in the irrigation operations used in some of the Authority’s sites.
• Build gray water projects that aim to recycle used water to become reusable.
• Use environmental criteria when selecting plants to limit planting plants that require large amounts of water for irrigation.
• Introducing the electronic form to reduce paper copies of requests to apply for an ID card.
• Implementation of a central printing system to reduce the consumption of papers and inks and to save on electrical energy consumption.
• Stabilizing the temperature in the Authority’s premises between 22-24 degrees Celsius
• Reducing the carbon footprint of the ID card and all permanent centers
• Inclusion of an awareness message in all e-mails issued by the Authority’s employees aimed at informing employees of the need to take into consideration the importance of preserving the environment before issuing the printing order.
• Periodic participation in international and local environmental activities such as: Paperless Day / “Earth Hour” activity / afforestation campaigns / cleaning campaigns
• Implementation of the environmental management system according to ISO 14001
• Adoption of green building standards in the new buildings of the Authority.
• Reusing resources to serve the community rather than destroying them.
• Develop and implement incentive systems for environmental suggestions and ideas within the authority.

Awareness flyers

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security is spreading awareness of environmental concepts and practices among employees through periodic awareness bulletins that are sent periodically to employees via e-mail. As well as through workshops and specialized training courses.


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