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Page last updated on : 24/03/2023 - 12:54 pm

Digital Signing Service

When performing online services there is a need to be able to sign documents or transaction digitally.

Using the certificates on the emiratesID card and Validation Gateway a digital (cryptographic) signature can be performed.

The digital document will get a signature attached to it that ensures that the card holder has legally signed it and it’s protected against tampering. Making use of the Validation Gateway it’s easy for organizations to implement digital signature for their online services.

There is no need for extensive programming or configuration. The Validation Gateway removes the complexity and performs the necessary steps to create a signature for the document.

Using digital signatures will enable organizations to enhance their operations and improve security as well as productivity.

To ensure that a signed document can be validated also in the future a Time Stamp can be attached to the signature. This will prove at what time the signature was carried out.

This will ensure that the signature will be considered as legal for its life time.

All these functionalities take place at the Validation Gateway making the process transparent and easy for both the organization as well as for the card holder.

Step 1

Insert card in reader and initialize

Step 2

Choose the document to sign

Step 3

Enter Pin

Step 4

The signed document is returned

This service will be available for testing soon. Keep visiting us.

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