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Page last updated on : 19/03/2024 - 11:53 am

Renew Passport

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Applies to
  • UAE National
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It is a service whereby an expired Passport is renewed.

The  steps to apply to renew the Passport are:


Step 2

Apply and Pay fees

Step 3

Receive Passport

ICP Sustainability Efforts

General Information on Service
Service Code 377-10-001-001
Structure and type of service Supplementary/Procedural
Linked to Service  Linked to Passport Issuance
Linked to Bundle Not Applicable


Service Information
Conditions for obtaining the service
  • Availability of a valid passport for less than 6 months.
  • For those over 15 years of age, the signature and fingerprint must be present on the ID card to issue the passport.
Service Limitation Fingerprints and signatures are available for those over 15 years of age who are not classified as People of Determination.
The time to obtain the service
The passport is issued electronically 48 hours after receiving and accepting the service request that meets the conditions
Service Requirements and Fees


Required Documents Recent personal photos that meet the approved standards

Personal Photo conditions:
• The photo is recent and conforms to the specifications of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
• The background of the image is white
• The hands do not appear above the shoulders
• Eyes open
• The image does not contain a frame
• Image width 40-35 millimeters

Fees Request fee 10 AED

Issue Fee 40 AED

Delivery fee 15 AED

Refundable Fees Issuance Fees
  • In the event that the customer wishes to obtain the passport through the Customer Happiness Centers, personal attendance is required for receipt, and the personal presence of minor children is excluded. Where the presence of the head of the family or his legal representative is sufficient.
  • It is required to show the old passport to the representative of the delivery company in order for the new passport to be delivered.
  • Customers are exempted from fees in the event of a material error due to the authority when issuing identity cards or citizens’ passports.
  • The following cases are exempted from fees:
    • Those subject to the Social Security Law.
    • People of determination and autism.
Service Channels
Service Channel Service channel availability Time to complete the service after its requirements are completed
Smart Services System (Website) 7 / 24 48hr
Mobile App 7 / 24 48hr


Service Channel Service channel availability Service time and waiting in the center Time to complete the service after its requirements are completed
Customer Happiness Centers As per working hours Waiting 5m – Transaction 7m 24hours
Service Journey
Obtaining service information The call center, the smart application, the authority’s website, the customer happiness centers, the communication channels approved by the authority
Submit a service request Through the website/Mobile application Through customer happiness centers Through the Typing Centers
  • Access to the smart services system (UAE PASS or user name).
  • Search for the service you want to apply for.
  • Fill in the application data, where applicable
  • Pay the service fee (if any)
  • Visit the nearest Customer Happiness Center
  • Get an Queue ticket and wait.
  • Submission of the application fulfilling all conditions and documents (if any) to the customer service employee
  • Pay the service fee (if any)
  • Not Applicable
Communication During the Process
  • A text message or email stating the creation/developments of the order
  • Not Applicable
  • Not Applicable
Getting the Service
  • Obtain of service outputs through the delivery company.
  • Obtain of service outputs through the service center.
  • Not Applicable
Inquiries and complaints
Channel Availability
Social Media: ICPUAE_Help & Facebook Twitter  7/24
Email: via website available  7/24
Ask Hamad/chatbot via website available  7/24
Call Center: 6005222222 7/24
Customer Voice Portal Click HERE via website available  7/24

Is it possible to renew the passport of  UAE citizens while they are outside the country?

Yes, the passport can be renewed from outside the country provided that the application is submitted through the individual’s personal account, specifying the UAE embassy in the country from which the passport will be received.

What are the steps to submit a passport renewal application outside the country?

  1. Access to the smart electronic services system or the smart application
  2. Choose the service of issuing a passport, specifying the reason for the issuance to be the renewal of a passport.
  3. Fill out the application specifying the UAE embassy in the country through which the passport will be received.
  4. Payment of fees

How is the passport received for those outside the country?

The passport is received through the UAE embassy in the country that is specified in the system when submitting the transaction.

To view FAQ click here
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