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Page last updated on : 04/03/2023 - 7:05 pm

“Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security” instructs travellers to disclose cash amounts

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The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security instructed all travellers to and from the United Arab Emirates to disclose their possession of cash and the equivalent of negotiable financial instruments, precious metals and stones in case it exceeds the maximum allowable amount of 60,000 AED or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
According to the disclosure system in the UAE, each family member over the age of 18, while traveling to and from the UAE, has the right to carry an amount not exceeding 60,000 dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currencies without disclosing it, while it is necessary to disclose more than the aforementioned limit through the “Afsah” system or other disclosure systems approved at the country’s border crossings. What is carried by passengers under the age of 18, including children and adolescents, is added to the accompanying adult family member, provided that the total amount or financial products in their combined possession does not exceed 60,000 dirhams.
The Authority had launched the electronic system “Afseh” to disclose cash amounts and cash equivalents in the possession of travellers, in both its electronic version via the website, and the smart version through the smartphone application, to enable travellers to complete the disclosure process and register their data easily and conveniently from anywhere in a few minutes before and during their travel as part of its keenness to provide a safe and comfortable travel journey for travellers to and from the UAE.
His Excellency Ahmed Abdullah bin Lahej Al Falasi, Director General of Customs at the Authority, said that the “Afseh” system aims to ensure the security of travellers and preserve their money, by regulating the mechanisms that allow the entry or exit of money into and out of the country, in line with international laws and standards, and in line with the directions of the country and its legislation, which enhances the country’s competitiveness and consolidates its position at the regional and global levels, indicating that the mechanism for disclosing cash amounts does not include imposing any taxes or fees on travellers in exchange for this service.
His Excellency added that travellers’ awareness of the objectives of disclosing cash amounts and their equivalents in the event that they exceed the limit permitted by law, and their awareness of the importance of the disclosure system in enhancing the efficiency, appropriateness and financial transparency of the state, will contribute to the success of the system and will accelerate the pace of achieving the desired security and economic goals, along with Saving the time and effort of travellers, improving the quality of life of society members, and developing the work system by adopting the highest standards and quality of global financial services, as well as using modern technologies to serve travellers and provide them with proactive services.
The disclosure system in the UAE laid down the penalties for violators, and a customs fine is imposed in accordance with the unified customs law, or the traveller and seizures are referred to the competent law enforcement agencies based on cases and their frequency. His Excellency explained that cooperation in this system involves various institutions and agencies directly related to the fields of travel.

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