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Page last updated on : 24/03/2023 - 3:47 pm

“Identity and Citizenship” celebrates with partners the “Emirati Child” Day

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The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, in cooperation with the Archives, the National Library and the Emirates Schools Establishment, organized a joint community event to coincide with the activities of the Month of Reading and to celebrate the Emirati Children’s Day, corresponding to March 15, 2023, through an educational platform that was allocated at the Yas Mall Shopping Center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The event was an embodiment of the strategic ties and goals that are in harmony with the partners within the framework of implementing the goals related to social responsibility to enhance the efficiency of the activities outputs and unify efforts and capabilities, in addition to establishing a culture of joint work for the constants and foundations related to maximizing expertise and enabling it to achieve qualitative integration.
The platform received multiple visits to celebrate the importance of child care and based on the belief that children are the true wealth of the country. The participation came in line with the concepts of the slogan of this year “The right of the child to a safe and sustainable environment”, which is stressed by the wise leadership of the country in raising and building young people. In addition to focusing on reading as an interactive activity that enhances intellectual culture, perception, expression, understanding, and identity formation through the proper development and building of personality.
In her speech on this occasion, Amira Ali Al Serkal, Director of the Government Communication Department at the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, said that the joint coordination with the Authority’s partners confirms the unity of directions and draws the process of organizing institutional work in a professional manner that simulates aspects of excellence in performance and striving towards highlighting community activities in a vital manner that embodies the bonds that achieve common goals, which necessitated working with the esteemed partners to celebrate the Emirati Children’s Day coinciding with the activities of the National Month of Reading and believing in the importance of caring for the children and guaranteeing their right to live within a safe, reassuring and sustainable environment.
On her part, Dr. Husniya Al-Ali said, “The participation of the Archive and the National Library stems from a firm conviction about the importance of raising future generations and developing them with a sound patriotic spirit based on sincerity and loyalty, inspired by the vision of the founder and builder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may God rest his soul – and from the interest of our wise leadership in Childhood, which is the basis for shaping the personalities of the builders of the future. She pointed out that their participation stems from the interest of the Archive and the National Library in children and their future, which requires generations distinguished by their belonging to the homeland and their loyalty to its wise leadership, and who have the ability to actively participate in sustainable development, and to exercise a positive and efficient societal role.
Al-Ali explained that the Archive and the National Library presented, during their participation, a package of interactive workshops, foremost of which was the “The Biogrphy Game”, the new and innovative national game whose contents were inspired by the biography of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The aims of this game are to enhance knowledge of the UAE’s history, heritage and national values. It is suitable for all ages, in addition to the purposeful and varied reading workshops that elevate children’s culture and develop their skills in creative reading, through a selection of booklets issued by the Archive and the National Children’s Library, namely: (Zayed from Challenge to Union), and (Khalifa Journey to the Future), and (Al-Hosn Palace) in addition to the interactive educational booklet (Watani Al-Emarat/ Emirates My Homeland), which provides children with extensive information on the history and heritage of the UAE, and introduces them to its great leaders.
Dr. Husniya added that some activities contribute to discovering children’s artistic talents and developing them such as the “Let’s Create” workshop (painting and clay), the “Let’s Sing” workshop (puppet theater for children), and the “Let’s Learn” workshops (candy stories). These workshops revive children’s imaginations by urging them to tell real and imaginary stories, stressing that the activities in which the Archive and the National Library participate are among more than 350 activities and events that were organized with various partners to celebrate the National Month of Reading, which is characterized by its diversity and interests of all members of society.

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