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Page last updated on : 24/03/2023 - 4:43 pm

“Identity and Citizenship Authority” organizes the second future foresight laboratory for the year 2023

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On Tuesday morning (March 21, 2023), the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security held the second future foresight laboratory for the year 2023
The participants in the laboratory from the Youth Council and form Future Foresight Team at the Authority’s Strategy and Future Department discussed ways and proposals for developing and updating projects, activities and services related to the future of citizens’ services in the country by developing and drawing sustainable development services until year 2035, in order to achieve the strategic goals of the Authority that aim at achieving proactivity, resilience and innovation in providing services that positively impact the happiness of society, customer satisfaction and quality of life in all sectors.
The future foresight laboratory reflects the Authority’s keenness to achieve sustainability in all services it provides to customers, and to implement the goals and themes of the Future Foresight Plan in the areas of customer service, citizen and future services. The lab observed an active and influential participation of the Youth Council and the future foresight team in the Authority.

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