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Page last updated on : 08/08/2021 - 9:54 am

ICA Launches Emirates ID Card New Generation

  • New high-tech version of ingenious design and highly secure features.
  • Innovative design with high quality features.
  • High-tech secure features reducing the security risks in so that it will be impossible for the card to be counterfeited or replicated.
  • Employer or family sponsor and job title details are added as for the UAE residents along with the card place of issue.
  • Change the Emirates Card to the new generation service is currently available for the damaged or lost replacement requests.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship “ICA” announced launching of the new high-tech advanced version of Emirates ID Card and embarked on issuing it to the customers in the context of the project of UAE passports & national identity card new generation.
His Excellency Major General/ Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, ICA Acting Director General stressed that: “The issuance of the Emirates ID Card new generation is an implementation of the UAE government vision aiming at developing the population data system quality through a highly sophisticated techniques in line with the best recognized global practices and standards in terms of the personal identity management for delivering top-notch services for our customers”.
Al Khaili stated: “The high-tech advanced Emirates ID version is released within the 2nd phase of the UAE passports & national cards new generation project since they have been developed optimizing the highest secure techniques. The new cards have been properly designed by utilizing & generating high-tech solutions for reducing any potential security risks so that it would be impossible for the cards to be replicated or counterfeited”.

Al Khaili further added: “The new card version is characterized by including the employer or family sponsor and the job title for the UAE residents as well as the card place of issue. Besides, the new generation enhances and promotes the electronic security standards for such type of personal verification documents thanks to their high-tech smart features”.

Embarking on High-tech Version Printing
His Excellency Acting Director General of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship “ICA” asserted that ICA will embark on printing the new card for all customers during the current phase after completing the 1st phase of using the electronic version of Emirates ID Cards. He further mentioned that the beneficiaries of the current phase of this new version would be the customers whose cards are expired or invalidated or those who applied for damaged or lost replacement cards. He also emphasized that it would be better for ICA customers to use their current valid cards till they are expired and thus, benefiting from the high-tech version of the card upon renewal.

His Excellency ICA Acting Director General further mentioned that the approved schedule of fees for Emirates ID Cards issuance as well as the services delivery smart channels remain unchanged. The cards delivery processes will be implemented as per an integrated time-bound plan in coordination with ICA key partners. He also added that the recent facilities for the high-tech cards project, address the quantitative growth rate of UAE population with an accommodating capacity that boosts ICA capabilities towards setting the current & future plans in line with the governmental decisions supporting all social categories whether UAE nationals or GCC citizens or UAE residents.

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