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Page last updated on : 16/10/2020 - 11:54 am

“ICA” extends residency for “widows and divorcees”, “graduate sponsorship”, and extends “visit and tourist” visas as of next Sunday


In execution of the Cabinet’s Decrees on the integrated system for entry permits

Brigadier Al Rashidi: our wise leadership keens to facilitate every resident and visitor’s life

One year residency without a sponsor renewable one time for divorced and widowed women and their children

Extending “visit and tourist” entry permits of all types for 30 days twice only

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has announced that starting from next Sunday corresponding to October 21st, it will implement the three Cabinet Decrees in terms of the integrated system for entry and residency visas in the State adopted last summer after completion of policies, executive and procedural regulations that regulate the execution of each Decree and defining the beneficiaries thereof.

ICA affirms its keenness to serve the beneficiaries from the three Decrees according to the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and professionalism in a manner that ensures achieving their objectives including promoting the position of the United Arab Emirates as one of the most attractive destinations worldwide featuring prosperity, security, and warmness; as well as grant happiness and facilitate the life of its residents and visitors, and enhancing its prominence as a nation of happiness, accomplishments, and aspirations.


This was stated through a press briefing organized today by ICA in its office at Khalifa City – Abu Dhabi, during which HE Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, Acting Director-General for Foreigners Affairs and Ports at ICA has declared the regulating rules for each Decree; including (i) extending residency visas for widowed and divorced women and their children for one year without the need to a sponsor from the date of death or divorce, and (ii) residency renewal for the parent-sponsored children after completion of academic or high school or reaching the age of 18, and (iii) granting visitors new entry permit for a visit after the expiry of a visit/tourist permit without the necessity to leave the State.

Brigadier Al Rashidi expressed significant gratefulness and appreciation towards the wise leadership of the State for its eagerness to provide all means of facilities to every resident or visitor of UAE, as well as its continued instructions to endeavor all the reasonable efforts and possible ways to grant people happiness and provide services that meet their requirements and exceeds their expectations.


Widow, divorcee, and children

He said that extending the residency of widowed and divorced women and their children is subject to a set of conditions and rules including that the widow or divorced woman and their children must have had their residency visas sponsored by the deceased or former husband at the time of death or divorce, as well as their residency visas, should be valid at the time of death or divorce and that the children’s residency period does not exceed that of the mother, HE noted that a widow or divorcee can benefit from such facilitations of the Decree even if she has no children.


Brigadier Al Rashidi explained that extension procedures for both cases compromising of submitting the application for residency extension under the Decree on the relevant form, and submitting a proof of divorce or death for a widow, as well as a proof of house availability and the ability to earn a living, and presenting the certificate of medical examination for mother (widow or divorcee) and the children over the age 18, in addition to the ID and health insurance cards as applicable in UAE.

Regarding the fees to be collected from the beneficiaries of the Decree, Brigadier Al Rashidi clarifies that ICA will request each beneficiary to pay the normal fees levied for the services provided by ICA, which are the cancellation fees for the previous residency visas of the widow, divorcee, and children, and one-year residency fees of AED 100, However, “in lieu of leaving” fees will not be collected for such case because it is related to the extension of a residency visa in accordance with the Cabinet Decree.

Residency renewal for parent-sponsored children

Concerning the Decree of renewal of residency for children after completion of their academic or high school study or reaching the age of 18; Brigadier Al Rashidi explained that a parent-sponsored child will be granted a one-year residency visa, renewable for one additional year, from the graduation date or obtaining the high school completion certificate or reaching the age of 18 whereas AED100 will be collected for the visa and another AED100 for renewal for another year but no financial guarantees from the sponsor will be collected following the applicable procedures of sponsoring children by parents.


He explains that benefiting from such a Decree requires submission of supporting documents including attachment of the high school completion certificate or graduation certificate or statement of the same from the university of studying whether inside or outside the State dully attested for students who completed their high school or academic study; noting that this category will not benefit from the humanitarian case clause unless fulfilling the requirements stated in the mentioned Decree, and in the case of non-conformity and resorting to the Humanitarian Cases Clause, ICA will collect AED5,000 financial guarantee stipulated by the Ministerial Decree No 434 of 2016, which is repaid to the applicant after changing his status as per the applicable terms, conditions, and regulations.


Extending entry permits

Regarding the Decree of granting new entry permits to visitors after the expiry of the visit/tourist entry permit without the need to leave the State; Brigadier Al Rashidi explained that implementing the Decree will be in accordance with a number of conditions and regulations including extending entry permits for (visit and tourist) visas of all types (long and short term) for 30 days twice only regardless of the original visa term.

He said that benefitting from the Decree for violators requires paying the fines resulting from the violation at (AED 100) for every day of delay after (10 days) from the validity expiration of the entry permit or visa in order to extend their stay for 30 days provided that calculation of extension date starts from the expiry date of previous entry permit as per the provisions of Article 77 of the Ministerial Decree No 500 of 2008; thereafter, prior to the expiry of the first extension, they can apply for a request of the second extension for another 30 days.

He added that fees levied for extending entry permits is AED 600 per each extension; noting that the Decree does not include entry permits for those residing in GCC countries and the companions of the citizens of GCC countries and the special entry permits and the entry permits for a mission (96 hours).

Brigadier Al Rashidi further explained the mechanism for submitting requests to benefit from the three Decrees explaining that applying is available through all the service ports provided by ICA with the (e-channel) comes first, through TASHEEL service center and printing offices as well as the General Directorates of Residency and Foreigners Affairs all over the State, and all ICA’s service centers all over the State; pointing out, in such regard, the importance of submitting the extension request by a visitor, in the event of the visit or tourist visa, through the sponsor to whom such visa was issued such as tourist offices and airlines.

Brigadier Al Rashidi informed that persons who desire to extend the tourist or visit visa shall submit the extension application 30 days prior to the expiry of their visas in order to benefit from the visa extension Decree. He warned that exceeding this period will result in preventing him from receiving the extension, and compelling to leave the State and return back with a new visa as he wishes.

Supporting tourism and labor market

Brigadier Al Rashidi has anticipated that such three Decrees will contribute to supporting the tourism sector as they allow the tourist and visitor to spend a longer time in the state; as it provides tourist landmarks and facilities that match the landmarks and facilities that exist in the most developed countries in this industry. Moreover; the Decrees enhance the labor market by providing chances for various establishments to utilize the competencies existed in the State and reduce the need for recruiting labor from outside the state, the matter which saves time and expenses, as well as grants a longer grace period for a job seeker to search for jobs and find the suitable opportunities.

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