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Page last updated on : 11/12/2021 - 5:37 am

Board of Directors of “Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship” Discusses the implementation Plan of Decree-Law on Transfer of Powers and TORs

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H.E Ali Mohammed bin Hammad Al Shamsi, Chairman the Governing Board of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (“FAIC”) confirmed that FAIC will continue its excellence and creativity journey in performing the role it was established for. Such role is primarily developed for serving the long-term future vision of the wise leadership of the State and for contributing in supporting and empowering the ambitious development and improvement projects within “UAE Vision 2021”, which aims at placing our State, during its Golden Jubilee, as one of the best countries in the world at various levels and in various fields.

H.E Ali Mohammed bin Hammad Al Shamsi said that FAIC has moved, after the issuance of Federal Decree-Law No. (3) of 2017, that included the amendment of Federal Decree-Law No. (2) of 2004 on the establishment of the Emirates Identity Authority, to a new stage with more comprehensive role and wider horizons in terms of the role entrusted to it and the missions it has the responsibility for. This provides a broader scope to FAIC in order to contribute effectively to the development of the system of government services, participation in building the security and economy of UAE and support decision-making based on the largest and most comprehensive demographic database that could be relied on in respect

of making the secured and accurate studies of various initiatives, projects and services adopted and launched by different bodies in the State.

This has been presented during the chairmanship of H.E of the first meeting of the FAIC’s Board of Directors in its new form in accordance with Federal Decree No. 117 of 2017 issued by H.H Sheikh. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE, on 18 September, 2017.

In accordance with such Decree, the Board includes both H.E Talal Humaid Belhoul as Vice Chairman, as well as representatives from Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, Supreme Council for National Security, and the General Authority for the Security of Ports, Borders and Free Zones.

H.E Ali Mohammed bin Hammad Al Shamsi has also hailed the achievements made by FAIC during last year and acknowledged by everybody, under the leadership of H.H Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the Executive Council; where FAIC has been empowered under His Excellency’s unerring directives, to embodies its mission as a reality touched by everyone living on the land of UAE, either through its direct services or through its contribution to providing the enduring infrastructure on which the various institutions in both government and private sectors rely on while developing and upgrading their services to the best international levels based on the advanced electronic population register and smart Emirates ID card issued to every national and resident, which then has become the basic document for identifying individuals, proving their personalities and the main pathway for them to obtain traditional, smart and electronic services.

H.E Ali Mohammed bin Hammad Al Shamsi praised the role of Lieutenant General. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, during the stage in which FAIC has been pleased to appoint H.E as a Vice Chairman of its Board; whereby His Excellency’s support was significant in

developing its mission and establishing its approach towards sustainable excellence in performance, service delivery, the insistence on contributing to the achievement of happiness for the society and enhancement of the elements of security and global competitiveness of the UAE, noting the efforts of members of Board of Directors who worked with H.E in drawing the directions of the FAIC and expressing its gratitude and appreciation for their support and assistance that enabled FAIC to efficiently and efficiently achieve its objectives.

H.E Ali Mohammed bin Hammad Al Shamsi said that FAIC is determined to continue its journey towards creativity and innovation in its services through enhancing its identity verification platforms and supporting decision makers, based on the supervisory insightful vision of wise leadership in order to advance the economy and the knowledge society. This requires doubling efforts, teamwork according to the best standards of professionalism and competency, and maintaining the development of capacities and capabilities at both institutional and individual levels to accommodate the requirements of the new phase and to formulate the plans, mechanisms and methodologies necessary for the exercise of powers and duties transferred to the FAIC.

During the meeting held at the headquarters of the FAIC in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, the Board discussed the implementation plan of the Federal Decree-Law No. (3) of 2017, that includes the amendment of Federal Decree-Law No. (2) of 2004 on the establishment of the Emirates Identity Authority.

The Board issued its directives for the formation of task forces and the specialized committees that will implement the articles of the Decree-Law, so that each team and committee will draw up its vision and plan in its field of competency in order to produce an integrated plan that ensures the smooth completion of implementation process without any limitations during the time limit set forth under the Decree.

The Board emphasized on the importance of continued development, improvement and advancement of services provided to citizens and residents. It also directed to facilitate their access to such services and to continue in implementing the initiatives and projects launched for this purpose, along with the focus on creativity in a manner that reaches the level of wise leadership ambition, ensures the satisfaction of the customers, contributes to the happiness of people and ensures the introduction of new levels of excellence.

The Board also emphasized on the commitment to the provisions of Federal Decree-Law No. (3) of 2017 on the transfer of civil and military personnel working for Ministry of Interior to the Authority Departments of citizenship, passports, entry and residence of foreigners where their grades, ranks, rights and privileges shall be maintained without any prejudice to their salaries and allowances, along with considering the period of their service in FAIC as associated with their service with the Ministry.

The Board has reviewed the report of the State Audit Institution and its notes included therein. The Board has also heard a presentation provided by H.E. Dr. Saeed Abdullah bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, Director General of FAIC on the implementation rate of the balance sheet of FAIC till the end of last September and the final account for the year 2016. Further, He has discussed a number of topics listed in his agenda and has taken the appropriate decisions in this respect.

The meeting was attended by H.E Talal Humaid Belhoul, Vice Chairman of the Board, members of the Board: H.E Abdullah Saif Al Nuaimi, H.E Abdullah Mohammed Al Busti, Secretary General of the UAE Cabinet in Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, Brigadier General Mohammed Humaid bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, acting secretary General of the Office of H.H Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

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