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Page last updated on : 01/09/2022 - 2:28 pm

The reality of Emirati women: subject of a dialogue session held in Umm Al Quwain

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The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Umm Al Quwain held a dialogue session entitled “An inspiring reality … and a promising future” as part of the celebration of Emirati Women’s Day 2022. The forum was held in cooperation with the Executive Council of Umm Al Quwain, the General Headquarters of Umm Al Quwain Police and the Civil Defense Department on the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day.
The participants in the session discussed many themes related to the role of Emirati women in supporting community security, promoting economic growth and building the nation. They stressed the importance of the unwavering support of the visionary leadership in empowering women, providing them with the appropriate environment, developing their scientific and professional capabilities, and their continued belief in the importance of the role of women in supporting the development process and achieving stability for society.
The participants in the session agreed that Emirati women have great potentials and a promising future in building the family and the nation by preserving the values and principles of the founding fathers, as well as learning about future developments and the direction of global governments and benefiting from international experiences in this field.
The dialogue session was attended by several managers and female employees.


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