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Page last updated on : 05/09/2023 - 2:36 pm

In a pioneering step at the global and regional levels, the UAE launched in 2019 a proactive service targeting the distinguished category of entrepreneurs, investors, experienced employees and educators, talented and technically skilled people, and attracting them to live, work and reside in the long term in the country.

Under this service, people who meet the conditions can apply for candidacy to obtain a long-term residence for a period of 5 or 10 years. This system allows residents, foreign expatriates and their families to enjoy long-term residency without the need for a sponsor in the UAE, and their residency is automatically renewed. Furthermore, this system enhances the environment that supports business growth and success in the country.

Since that date, the development process went beyond that service to include in later stages the addition of new targeted categories and the launch of other new services that meet the aspirations of many other groups who wish to work and live in the UAE.

The reason why the idea of golden residency in the UAE is pioneering at the regional and global levels, lies in a set of basic features, the most prominent of which is that it is the first service of its kind in the region and almost the world. It aims to mobilize the residency system of foreigners to support the process of sustainable national development, both in terms of attracting the capital needed to establish projects and implement strategic plans, and of attracting the competencies and talents that the labor market needs in the coming years and decades, in addition to its paramount importance in promoting tourism, work and investment in the country by targeting the category of celebrities in various fields.

In light of the statistics and indicators, it is confirmed that the UAE has become a dream for Arab and international youth to live, work and reside. The golden residency service represents an empowering tool for the state to select the distinguished, qualified and talented among them in all fields, which represents a long-term investment in knowledge and human resources. It will have an impact on the economy, society, and national human resources in the long run.

Among the most important features that enhance the leadership of the UAE in providing the golden residency service as well, are the simplicity of the procedures provided by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security, the multiplicity of approved channels of services and the low costs compared to the validity period of the residency. Those who meet the conditions and wish to do so can apply for the service directly through the authority’s smart application “ICA UAE Smart” and its website: “”.

Most importantly, it undergoes “governance”, which means it includes scientific, financial, educational and technical standards and conditions that lead directly to achieving the desired national economic, social and human goals such as supporting the economy, attracting capital and talented people.

His Excellency Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi

Director General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports

Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security


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To verify your eligibility for the service, click Check Your Eligibility

To view the most frequently asked questions about golden residency, visit the following link

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