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Page last updated on : 08/06/2021 - 7:13 am

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) embraces happiness and positivity within its institutional values and seeks to achieve the highest levels of employee’s satisfaction for its impressive impact on their performance, creates a positive work environment, promotes institutional loyalty, deepens awareness and commitment to advancing the ICA’s objectives and strategy and implementing its initiatives and projects at the operational level.
The ICA is concerned with achieving the happiness of its employees by identifying and responding to their needs and expectations in the first place and working on fulfilling them. Leaders are keen on field visits to the ICA’s various departments across UAE to listen to the employees’ opinions and proposals and to honor them, in addition to the various communication channels available to present their ideas and aspirations. Moreover, ICA planned for getting all employees engaged in the improvement and development process and has been launched brainstorming initiatives in developing its strategy and foresight the future of services together with its staff, which contribute to promoting the values of loyalty and belonging and creating an inspiring and incentive work environment.
The ICA is keen to empower its employees with scientific, academic, and professional knowledge and to encourage their continuous learning through the Emirates Academy of Identity and Citizenship. The Academy provides outstanding academic and training programs to enrich their knowledge, develop their skills, and thereafter graduate highly qualified and distinguished leaders. Whereas the ICA assesses the annual scientific and training requirements of each employee and inserts them in a methodological plan to be implemented in accordance with global best practices and modern application methods. It also encourages staff to participate in creativity and innovation conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and emerging techniques to support the creative thinking and encourages the innovation practices; leading ICA to become a home of expertise that attracts national competencies and outstanding talents for creating the future leaders.
on the humanitarian and social level, the ICA and its leaders undertake to carrying on spreading happiness and the one team spirit, with the participation of its members in all religious, national, and global events through initiatives of honor and appreciation to the distinguished staff members, for example, on National Day and International Women’s Day, visiting the mothers of martyrs and interacting with them on social media platforms.
The ICA has made a qualitative breakthrough in enhancing its employees’ working environment and the quality of their lives, which has contributed to creating a sense of harmony, satisfaction, and pride, heading to reach ICA outstanding, sustainable performance, and pioneering competitive standard.

Brigadier Khamis Al Kaabi
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