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Page last updated on : 12/11/2020 - 8:46 am


We used in the past to remember beautiful, meaningful phrases by heart. These phrases had a direct and indirect effect on us, were firmly established in our minds and often motivated and encouraged us to defy the odds and overcome obstacles in order to be able to achieve our aspirations and surmount all difficulties whatsoever.

Phrases like “As you sow, so will you reap” and “No pain, no gain” etc. tell us that everything in life has a price and that achieving success requires you to show diligence and perseverance, to exert as much effort as necessary to reach it and not to be submissive and dependent and wait for miracles because “If wishes were horses, beggars might ride.”

One of the reasons behind success as commonly known by mankind is work. This is because success in any job is not achieved through wishes but through proper, error-free planning. It is obvious that too much work generates a lot of pressures, which need hardworking and perseverance to be confronted and overcome.

It is also natural for those who work to face pressures that vary according to the nature of work as well as its place and time. A hardworking person, whether a man or a woman, who tries hard to excel in his study, will be subject to huge psychological pressures but, thanks to his/her intellectual uniqueness, he/she can convert these pressures into positive effects that urge him/her to work hard until he/she achieves his/her objectives, build a presence and gain prestige. In contrast, a person who crumbles after facing a few pressures believes that this is the end of the road and that the right decision is to quit work and look for another job where there are no pressures, imagining that success is easily achieved without challenges or obstacles.

Raya Hilal Al Darmaki Registration Executive Fujairah Customer Service Center
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