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Page last updated on : 12/11/2020 - 8:48 am


An international award is granted only to those who deserve it and fulfill its main requirements in terms of application and implementation of work strategies and excellence in activating the performance indicators based on creative thinking.

I am talking about the Richard Goodman Award for Strategic Planning, which is granted by the American Society of Strategic Planning to government organizations known for their excellent strategic planning and organizational performance. The award has been granted to one of our federal authorities, the Emirates Identity Authority, which is an extraordinary authority in the full sense of the word, thanks to its positive energy, which is aimed for excellence and stimulates innovation, creativity and quality work, and its performance, which gains the satisfaction, admiration and appreciation of those who are inside and outside the UAE.

The world-class award is a new achievement by the Emirates Identity Authority, which has creative thinking skills and is changeable in terms of planning and implementing national action strategies, which serve the future vision of the UAE as far as goals and anticipation of the future are concerned. This milestone should be added to the Emirates Identity Authority’s list of creative achievements, while the Emirates Identity Authority is making its way towards excellence and creativity, excelling global government organizations, which were established some decades before the Emirates Identity Authority but failed to have the honor of winning such world-class awards.

Words about the Emirates Identity Authority as well as its achievements, which have contributed to the great reputation of the UAE, and its projects, initiatives and programs remain inadequate to give it due credit and fall short to describe its sincere effort to upgrade government work, serve the national economy and keep pace with the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021.

The Emirates Identity Authority, which has won many awards for its excellence, mastery of work and high-quality performance at the local, regional and global levels, is distinguished for its flowing positive energy, teamwork and commitment to trust-based corporate values and integrity and responsibility principles. It adopts a systematic and scientific approach for planning and implementing its strategic plans as per the standards of excellence, which help gain awards at home and abroad.

The Emirates Identity Authority, which is achieving one dazzling success after another, is also distinguished for its bid not to stop at this point but to seek the highest levels of excellence and the highest peak in its projects, which it launches and carries out for serving the UAE and its praiseworthy security, economy and sustainable development trends and visions. Undoubtedly, such authorities which do so will reap awards and will be distinguished, appreciated and honored.

Ali Jassim - Al-Watan Newspaper
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