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Page last updated on : 23/06/2021 - 12:24 pm

Governance is the integrated and effective system developed by the Government to ensure integrity, transparency, and liability to increasing confidence with all stakeholders and the whole community. Good governance is the idealist and most efficient technique for accessing high-quality services, ensuring the rule of law and the application of justice principles among society members to assure the sustainable development.
The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has achieved a great maturity in consolidating the principles of governance in terms of accountability, responsibility, justice, transparency, and integrity through its effective hard work in supporting the enablers of a successful governance under an inspiring leadership, a good governance framework, clear policies and procedures, a clear and certified organizational structure. Moreover, through effective internal and external regulatory bodies, transparency and disclosure via social media platforms and the Mass Media.
The ICA adopts within its organizational structure a corporate governance department to follow up and monitor the implementation of policies in accordance with best practices. The disclosure of correct information and the availability of reliable data to all stakeholders has boosted in the principle of transparency, as the ICA provides various communication channels, including distinct website and smart application, and interacts with all segments of society through social media platforms. ICA also undertake to release all its services, news, procedures, questionnaires results and awareness leaflets through those channels and the customer happiness centers, including but not limited to, ICA has handled the emerging Covid-19 virus with a high efficiency by rising the community awareness about the precautionary measures and vaccination, and governing the management of the violators record with effectiveness, flexibility, and humanitarian values.
In order to promote the principles and concepts of justice, accountability and responsibility, the ICA consolidates equal opportunities and active participation of all its employees and partners in developing the operations and services, builds up strategies and foresights the future by organizing brainstorming sessions, and honors all distinguished people. In addition, ICA supports creative people and innovators regardless to their career level and provides all its employees with ongoing learning and training. Besides, ICA enhances accountability for everybody with transparency, and manages responsibilities through delegation of powers to sustain an efficient organizational performance and raise productivity.
Within the principle of integrity, the ICA embraces the state’s firm national values of tolerance and human coexistence by activating them within its societal responsibility and mutual cooperation with all its partners for the public interest, thus contributing to the consolidation of the ethical values of employees, customers, and partners.
Fostering innovation, creativity, and the future’s foresight internally and externally, together with its partners under the governance principles, entitles ICA to be one of the leading Government entities in adapting to the rapid speed of changes and expecting the future transformations, being the most prominent governance challenges.



His Excellency Major General Suhail Saeed 
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