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Page last updated on : 12/11/2020 - 8:50 am


In the previous article, which had the same title without a number, I wrote that the words that a human being utters and the way they deal with others are evidence on how far they are cultivated, elegant and intellectually developed. This is because it is such standards as cultivation, elegance and intellectual development that measure the human speech and behavior rather than the number of books a human being reads or the types of degrees they are awarded, though these two elements are highly important.

Now that more than 40 days have elapsed since the first article was published, there are still a lot of ideas going on in my mind about what everyone of us should do to achieve self-development and improve positive thinking. I want to present these ideas before the readers of this section, including my fellow employees of the Emirates Identity Authority, customers and the public, as they might constitute an incentive and an encouraging element for the exchange of ideas that contribute to refining our knowledge and exploring the reservoirs of our creativity for the ultimate goal of serving our personal interests as well as those of our work and our esteemed authority.

Here, I would like to say that failure and the fear of failure are the most formidable obstacle to one’s success. So, carry on, my brothers and my colleagues, and do not be afraid because success has a wonderful taste and life is beautiful if you live day by day and moment by moment. Make the most of your life, time, health and leisure and enjoy your days and moments, because other people are so sick and upset that they can hardly sleep.

Walking towards success is an endless journey. Therefore, develop yourself and keep going because success is not easy and requires you to  be perseverant in order to reach excellence. You have to develop your personal skills to achieve your future goals.

Do not think much about the future in order not to be obsessed by anxiety, nor about the past in order not to be possessed by depression. Think in a balanced way in that the present is meant for achievement, the past for experiences and the future for planning. Be always confident that “the only person I always try to be better than him is yesterday’s me.”

Moreover, you should always put your trust in those who can see five things in you: the sadness behind your smile, goodwill behind your action, kindness behind your anger, strength when crying and logic behind your silence.

I know that a successful and efficient human being in this life is not only a one who produces or accomplishes things but a one who achieves the desired results in the time available.

You should make others feel how valuable they are in your life and not only how valuable you are in their lives if you want to seek a place in their hearts. Remember that the way you deal with people is not forgotten; hence, do not regret moments in which you made someone happy even if he/she did not deserve. It is enough to be something beautiful in the lives of those who know you because Allah Almighty will reward us in the same way.

Sumaia Jalal/Registration Executive-Fujairah Customer Service Center
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