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Page last updated on : 28/09/2021 - 8:43 am

E-Consultation to measure customer satisfaction on social channels

The Subject

As part of the federal authority’s efforts to evaluate all its services on social media channels as it is one of the most important platforms f communication, and in order to develop innovative and diverse mechanisms for the effective presence of customers and monitor their suggestions and opinions development and mechanisms that increase their readiness to interact on these means optimally.


The Goal of consultation

Evaluate and develop plans that meet expectations.

  • making decisions:After reviewing the opinions and suggestions of the public, the following work was done:-A plan has been developed to educate customers about the procedures for services-collaboration between ICA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has been activated regarding expired passports for citizens residing outside the country - activating the What Sapp feature in under the process-The ability to translate the content of the authority's website into more than one language has been added,  a 24/7 call center has been provided - The printing offices were alerted through the printing offices branch-Work is underway to update text messages so that text messages are sent at different times to customers 

    The explanation of the steps for applying for transactions has been updated in an easier

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