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Page last updated on : 12/11/2020 - 8:43 am


Smiling is a language that doesn’t need to be translated and is a key to opening hearts. It doesn’t cost money nor effort, nor does smiling take time more a blink of the eye. However, it does penetrate our hearts.

Smiling is the oldest and fastest way of communication known to human beings. It the only common language that is understood by all nations without the need for translation. Smiling was the practice of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) who was known to be the most magnanimous, the greatest, the most honorable, the most gorgeous and the more smiling human being. He urged people to smile when he said: “smiling to your brother is charity”. This virtue was followed by all the Prophet’s followers.

Smiling has many good effects on health; it strengthens body’s immunity against diseases and stresses, eases the stress resulting from life’s difficulties, particularly in our days. It makes your life more stable and helps you be optimistic as it evolves positive sense, purity of mind and ability to surmount obstacles.

Smiling has a great role in bringing happiness to others’ hearts, emits positive energy among them and develop hope in their souls. Seeing you smiling, many patients or distressed people may also smile and feel better.


The Emirates Identity Authority was always keen to bring happiness to its customers. It continuously urges its employees to make smiling a practice while providing services to customers and it allocated an award for the “most cheerful employee”. This is based on the Authority’s understanding of the importance of smiling as a key factor for any organization’s success.

My brother and sister employees, here is a call for you to keep smiling.. Glory to our Islam that made smiling a charity that will be rewarded.

Iman Ahmed Al Murshedi / Registration Executive - Fujairah Customer Service Center
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