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Page last updated on : 09/03/2022 - 8:00 pm

Customer Sanctification Survey About ICP Smart Application

Demographic Data

IOSAndroidMicrosoftSEO, Yahoo, Paper ADSVideosRadio ADSTV ADSSocial MediaFriendsGovernment web sitesExhibitionsPress ReleaseI don’t remember

Highly Satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Not satisfied
Not satisfied at all

ID New RenewElectronic Family BookPassport New RenewResidents Permits issuing RenewalTourist VisaUpdate informationOther Services … Please specify below.

Interface DesignCreate AccountCard ServicesAccessibility to the servicesOther Services … Please specify below.

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What is the reason for your feedback?


What is the reason for your feedback?

I encountered a technical problemI could not find the information I wantedThe content is incomprehensibleAnother reason