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Page last updated on : 11/03/2022 - 8:34 am

Multifactor Identity verification & authentication

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The service of multi-factor identity verification is a tool available in the Emirates ID Card that enables entities (government or private) to enhance the security of their e-services by way of verifying the cardholder which secures services and transactions as well as makes the processing faster and more simplified.

The main factors of authentication are:

  • Something you have (Verifying that the National ID Card is genuine and Card Data is untampered)
  • Something you Know (Verify PIN)
  • Something you are. (Verify Biometric (finger prints) by Match on/ Off Card verification)
Step 1

Prepare your request

Step 2

Submit your request

Step 3

Progress of the electronic service if the request is approved

Targeted Audience for service

Government and Private Sector Service Providers

Terms or Requirements to receive service
  • Connectivity to the Validation Gateway
  • DG Approval
Steps for service
  • Fill Service Request
  • Attach official letter to service request
  • Submit Request
Required Documents

Official letter to DG from the entity requesting the service

Team responsible of e-service
  • +971 50 481 7327
Benefits of the Service

Verification and Authentication of Card Holders in a fast and secure manner

Delivery Time

Service activation can take from 7 to 14 days Service is real-time- Online

Contact Information
Call Center 6005 30003
Submitting centers
Online service. No Location
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